Governor SHOCKS Liberals With COVID Announcement
Democrat LOSES It Over Trump
Al Sharpton Completely LOSES It During Trump Attack
Ivanka GOES OFF On Radical Left, Democrats FURIOUS
Kaepernick Makes VILE Demand, Officers FURIOUS
Liberal Media Host BETRAYS Biden, Democrats FURIOUS
Hollywood Actor EXPLODES, Makes CHILLING Prediction
Bernie BACKS DOWN On Air, Admits Defeat On THIS
Top Republican Gives Democrats The BAD News
CNN Host LOSES It Over Trump


Joe Biden Tells Craziest Story in History of Presidential Campaigns

Does he really believe people will take him seriously after this?

Former Vice President Biden and Actor Robert De Niro Latest Bomb Targets

A serial bomber has sent more malicious packages, in a string of attacks on Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump.

Released Insurgents Rejoin Taliban After Obama Made Trade for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

The Associated Press reported that five Afghan Taliban members, released by former President Barack Obama in exchange for the return of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, have rejoined with Taliban members in Qatar.

Biden Associate REVEALS Final 2 VP Picks

Here’s who they are…

Sanctions Levied on Iran in Response to Child Soldiers

Businesses related to Iran’s Basij militia have been hit with sanctions from the U.S. Treasury Department after learning about practices to recruit child soldiers.

Future of Pabst Blue Ribbon in Peril

Pabst Blue Ribbon Company has filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors alleging the latter is forcing the former out of business.

Nadler Appears to Faint During Event

71-year-old Jerrold Nadler seemed to be feeling his years when he gave those gathered at safety measure event quite the scare. 

CNN Host LOSES It Over Trump

He’s lost all his marbles.

Another Struggle Hits Border Patrol

As if the threat of thousands of migrants crossing illegally into the United States or the issue of drastically inadequate funding wasn’t enough, Border Patrol now faces another mounting problem. Finding enough members to fill its ranks.

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Hillary Goes After Kavanaugh

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton believes that Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s actions during his recent testimony was “quite out of bounds.”

Tallahassee Mayor Fires Shots At Republicans

Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum claimed that running “Republican-lite” is not a successful strategy.

Alyssa Milano Becomes Unhinged Over Kavanaugh

Actress Alyssa Milano admitted she was “filled with rage”  due to the fact that people such as President Donald Trump and Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh are placed in positions of power, which means “sexual abuse has been institutionalized in this country.”

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