State Fights Facebook Censorship

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  1. Proud vet says:

    I have said this over and over and no one comes to my aid! I have said lawyers can attack on mom and pop bakery because they won’t bake a cake for gay people because of their religious beliefs, but because they have no money like states due to flight school unlike Zuckerberg and Google and Amazon and the like against shutting up the American people, this goes on I do not believe this is went on this long Karma for people like this with big money to infringe on freedom of speech. You wonder why the Democrat party is owned and operated by one world order billionaires and why they want you disarmed do you really wonder why?

  2. mike dar says:

    I’m waiting on one State to be the first to simply ban one of these ‘Media platforms’ in their State. There is no real purpose to them on a Social or financial basis. Making addicts of people for instant gratification is entirely a business model… like cigarettes.
    And truthfully known, the entire group of media platforms watched on shiny handheld devices used in America each year actually causes more deaths than the entire Vietnam war… 6000 just by people walking in front of moving vehicles each year while stupidly staring at a screen.
    Advertising dollars, lobbyists, bought and paid for politicians.. ><50,000 people die of stupidity each year. Easily fixed so people can walk and talk at the same time but not use a shiny screen also, lolol.
    Just outlaw in one State PLEASE…

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