Horrified Whistleblower Describes ‘Organ Harvesting’ on LIVE People
Lindsey Graham Sends Democrats Into A FRENZY Over 2020
BREAKING: Leaves Congress FURIOUS After This
Public “All-Ages Drag Show” is a DISGRACE to America
Ilhan Omar REFUSES To Talk About This
Is Tim Allen ‘Openly Racist’?
Trump’s 2020 Re-Election CONFIRMED If THIS Happens
Trump’s Dire Warning To FAKE NEWS
Beto O’Rourke Makes His DUMBEST Comment Yet
Potential Ocasio-Cortez Challenger EXPOSES Dark Truth


Cohen Dishes On Trump

Michael Cohen has plead guilty to a pair of campaign finance violations, violations he made by making hush payments to women claiming to have had an affair with pre-presidency Donald Trump. Now he’s speaking out about it.

Acosta Feels The Wrath Of Trump Supporters

CNN Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta, after being shouted at by Trump supporters said he “felt like we weren’t in America anymore.”

Justice Kavanaugh Forced to Decline More Than $600,000 Donation

Despite good intentions, $611,645 raised via GoFundMe campaign has been politely refused by Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Sanctions Levied on Iran in Response to Child Soldiers

Businesses related to Iran’s Basij militia have been hit with sanctions from the U.S. Treasury Department after learning about practices to recruit child soldiers.

Reporter Bumbles, Says it Would “Suck” if GOP Candidate Elected

Michigan’s Huron Daily Tribune is in a bit of hot water after a reporter called to request an interview with Republican John James.

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Schooled on Why Amazon Is A Good Thing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had been making her distaste for Amazon developing new facilities near her district quite clear. CEO Eric Schiffer believes that she doesn’t understand the benefits.

Senate Takes First Swing At Trump On Saudi Arabia, But May Lack Follow Through

The Senate voted to consider a resolution that would cease U.S. support of the Saudi-led war in Yemen, but it has a long fight ahead if it seeks to undermine the close ties to the Trump Administration.

Woman Survives Bar Shooting, 24 Hours Later Her Home Taken By Wildfire

It has been a trying period as Deseriee Edman survives back to back tragedies.

USA Gymnastics May Lose Governing Powers Due to Scandal

USA Gymnastics may no longer be recognized as a governing body pending the proceedings put in motion by the United States Olympic Committee.

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Hillary Goes After Kavanaugh

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton believes that Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s actions during his recent testimony was “quite out of bounds.”

Tallahassee Mayor Fires Shots At Republicans

Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum claimed that running “Republican-lite” is not a successful strategy.

Alyssa Milano Becomes Unhinged Over Kavanaugh

Actress Alyssa Milano admitted she was “filled with rage”  due to the fact that people such as President Donald Trump and Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh are placed in positions of power, which means “sexual abuse has been institutionalized in this country.”

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