Trump’s Latest Statement Leaves Democrats SHAKING
Twitter CEO Sends Message To Trump
Fox Host ENCOURAGES Twitter To Censor Trump
Rush Limbaugh Explains REAL Reason For Lockdown
Nadler And Ocasio-Cortez Want To Do WHAT?
Ocasio-Cortez LOSES It, Says The UNTHINKABLE
Dr. Deborah Birx Makes SHOCKING Statement
Democrat SNAPS, Tells Americans To Do THIS
Democrats ERUPT After Pastor Drops Trump Bombshell
Nasty Democrat Gets EXACTLY What He Deserves


Student Cries Wolf with Racist Note

Campus police officers got to the bottom of a racial harassment case at Kansas State University.

CIA Receives Khashoggi Evidence from Turkey

All evidence related to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been turned over to the CIA by Turkish intelligence.

Putin Praises Trump For Recalling US Troops In Syria

After President Donald Trump announced that ISIS in Syria had been defeated and that he would withdraw U.S. troops there, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “the right decision,” according to the New York Times.

Another Struggle Hits Border Patrol
As if the threat of thousands of migrants crossing illegally into the United States or the issue of drastically inadequate funding wasn’t enough, Border Patrol now faces another mounting problem. Finding enough members to fill its ranks. USA TODAY delved…
Infowars Affiliates Also Removed from Twitter

Twitter Inc continues to remove accounts affiliated with Infowars, the website and brand affiliated Alex Jones.

Florida GOP Campaign Office Target of Drive-By

Tensions continue to rise as Republican campaign office in South Dayton, Florida is hailed in gunfire.

Rush Limbaugh Explains REAL Reason For Lockdown

This is what is what he said…

Selective Dissent: No Outcry When Obama-era Border Patrol Fought Illegal Immigration

The Trump administration is under fire yet again for the handling of illegal immigrants attempting to rush the border. But where was the furor when it was done under Obama?

Democrats Defends Traitor Strzok

Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) defended former FBI agent Peter Strzok by saying he should have rather been suspended for 60 days and demoted instead rather than being fired.

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Hillary Goes After Kavanaugh

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton believes that Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s actions during his recent testimony was “quite out of bounds.”

Tallahassee Mayor Fires Shots At Republicans

Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum claimed that running “Republican-lite” is not a successful strategy.

Alyssa Milano Becomes Unhinged Over Kavanaugh

Actress Alyssa Milano admitted she was “filled with rage”  due to the fact that people such as President Donald Trump and Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh are placed in positions of power, which means “sexual abuse has been institutionalized in this country.”

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