Jussie Smollett RAGES And Sues City Because Of THIS
Trump’s Doctor Breaks Silence, REVEALS His Health
Nancy Pelosi Just Couldn’t Keep Her Mouth Shut
Texas Democrat CAUGHT On Camera Dropping COCAINE At Airport
Meghan McCain Sends Message To Roger Stone After Being Found Guilty
Rashida Tlaib Under Investigation For WHAT?
CNN Host ATTACKS Kellyanne Conway, Instantly REGRETS It
High Schoolers Deal DISGUSTING Blow To Chick-Fil-A
Supreme Court Deals HEAVY Blow To Gun Industry
Trump SHOCKED After Members Of Own Cabinet Tried To OVERTHROW Him


Trump Tells Russia To ‘Get Out’
President Trump began to crack down on Russia after declaring that “all options” were open in order to persuade the Kremlin to remove troops recently dispatched to Venezuela. The news comes after reports showed that two Russian air force planes…
‘I should have stayed’: Emotional Survivor Apologizes For Fleeing While Saving Son

One distressed parent’s account of the California bar shooting is going viral, pulling heartstrings with it.

Trump, Trudeau, and Nieto Sign New USMAC Deal

President Donald Trump joined Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and outgoing Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to officially sign the new trade agreement between the respective nations.

Burr Claims “No Hard Evidence of Collusion”

Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Sen Richard Burr, (R-NC) said on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” that currently his investigation yielded “no hard evidence of collusion”  between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Putin Praises Trump For Recalling US Troops In Syria

After President Donald Trump announced that ISIS in Syria had been defeated and that he would withdraw U.S. troops there, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “the right decision,” according to the New York Times.

State Fights Facebook Censorship
Social media giant Facebook has become a tool for leftist to spread their doctrines while silencing conservative voices. Now one state is fighting back against the infringement of freedom. The Texas Senate has proposed Senate Bill 2373, which seeks to…
Child Disciplined Over Hug, Which Was Labeled a ‘Level One Offense’

A Georgia mother is venting after her middle school daughter was disciplined for hugging a female student who was upset.

MSNBC Thank Obama For Economy

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is crediting the successful economy to former President Barack Obama.

Highschooler Beaten Over Confederate Flag Shirt

In one Baltimore high school a student was beaten by a group of peers for wearing a Confederate flag shirt.

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Hillary Goes After Kavanaugh

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton believes that Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s actions during his recent testimony was “quite out of bounds.”

Tallahassee Mayor Fires Shots At Republicans

Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum claimed that running “Republican-lite” is not a successful strategy.

Alyssa Milano Becomes Unhinged Over Kavanaugh

Actress Alyssa Milano admitted she was “filled with rage”  due to the fact that people such as President Donald Trump and Supreme Court associate justice Brett Kavanaugh are placed in positions of power, which means “sexual abuse has been institutionalized in this country.”

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