Acosta Feels The Wrath Of Trump Supporters

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  1. Huey Raheem says:

    It is apparent that the media does not want to be held responsible for what they report . Their personal bias in their attacking g the President is obvious to all observers . Only an honest person would say the media is extremely corrupt . They are obstructing justice and colluding with each other to destroy Trump . Thank God Trump is will ng to stand up for himself and fight back . He is that type of leader . With the media crying about how the President is responding to their treatment of him he should be able to say the same thing how dare they put his life and other lawmakers life in dander . Just ask Scales of La about that insane Sanders follower shooting him . Yes some media were recently killed by an extremist but they were killed for what they printed not Scales pointing out their deficiency as was the case with Bernie claiming republicans ruining the country . Don’t forget Corey Booker and the female californian congress woman that told their supporters to attack whoever you call the opposition . Oh yeah Obama did that also didn’t he tell his supporters to get up in their face again another leader on the Democratic side that proposes violence . By the way Trump has never asked his supporters to be violent . Go Figure

    1. you are absolutely right…we are tired of Acosta and those on cnn msnbc not carrying his rallies, not reporting any of the wonderful accomplishmnets, the wonderful change in America…lall they do all day, I know because I flip channels regularly to know,,,,Mika Brezinski and Morning Joe are top at the list that need to go..they are hate filled and spew it constantly, all the cnn and Acosta is the worst…rude, obnoxious and we don’t want your reort…we want the truth and you don’t print the truth…bye

  2. Gerry Costa says:

    “Not in America anymore” — why because we are tired of people like you and news medias that spew garbage and lies and try to convince us that it is news. Because we no longer will put up with your BS — yo acosta and any of the rest of you lying corrupt bogus journalists — if you don’t like this America — get the f*** out.

  3. dennis w says:

    CNN SUCKS……CNN SUCKS…..CNN SUCKS………..PERIOD……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ACOSTA IS AN ASS……………………….

  4. MJB says:

    The MSM including CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the like are all filled with OPINION mouthpieces, NOT news! And the opinion gets “treated” as news… Let’s be real, Sean Hannity is not news… his show is opinion. Rachel Maddow is OPINION, not news… the list is exhaustive and it bleeds over into the news broadcasts of the network.

    What happened to reporting the FACTS? That is news, the commentary needs to be nixed for the “News” and let the opinion shows be known for what they are, opinion!

    Acosta has allowed his personal opinions bleed over to his alleged reporting! If you want to be taken seriously for reporting the NEWS, then leave your opinion at the door Jim!!

    1. Joan says:

      Absolutely MJB! Sean Hannity is always saying he is an opinion show!! What I like about him, is he does a lot research, and tells where he got his info from, so you can decide for yourself if you think he’s getting his info from trustworthy sources, and most of the time I believe he is! He is very passionate about his convictions, and he is a true patriot! He will not hesitate to call out those who he believes to be hypocritical or just plain lying!! But these so called “news people” like Acosta, all they do is criticize and make fun of our President, while NEVER reporting the truth of what is happening day to day, all the good things that Trump is doing!!! Many of us were sick to death when Obama was elected, and disagreed with almost everything he said and did, not to mention all the lies he told!! But you didn’t have even a fraction of the evil, hateful retoric coming out of us as the libs do to Trump, and Fox News always reported even the positive things (few as there were!)!! If anyone is relying on CNN, MSNBC and other liberal “news (I use this term loosely!) stations” to get the REAL news that is really happening, you are out of luck, they will never tell it!!

    2. Gibsg00 says:

      You should not watch Hannity but watch his guests,Hannity justs asks the hard qeustions.

  5. bbarnicle says:

    Acosta is doing a classic text book set up for a Democrat false flag violent attack on reporters, framing Republicans. Watch out for it.

    This is part of the political propaganda, fake news media which sets up their opponents with public statements like this. Hopefully the American people are becoming more aware of this manipulation.

  6. Myron Kwei says:

    CNN’s intention is to misinform the public. Is CNN a friend or foe of the people?

  7. Gene Chapman says:

    move to a country who likes there media to lie maybe Russia or any nazi like government with dictators you will fit right in but if you screw up its by by time

  8. satelliter says:

    Funny how the media and Dems feel justified with their never ending spewing negative remarks about trump and his supporters, but when they are attacked in exactly the same way by those they have been attacking— oh! then it’s mean and unAmerican. [Can dish it out big time, but can’t take it, even a little in return.]

  9. maiklankau says:

    A taste of your own medicine perhaps – ala Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Janine? But I guess that did not bother you didn’t it Costa?

  10. jerry1944 says:

    Does he mean if ppl dont believe his and cnn lies they are not Americans Dont care much for those that lie . Be like Pres Trump and stand up for the country not nut dems and libs that dont even care for the Bible

  11. Patriot says:

    The very same words that elitist Acosta used against his fellow Americans could be used against him and his Communist News Network.
    Why are leftists so devoid of reason?
    Why are they so unable to at least recognize that not all Americans hate their country or like Moochelle spend their lived ashamed of their country and wishing they lived in the paradise of Cuba or Venezuela or North Korea

  12. WilliamHarrington says:

    It is apparent that Acosta just can’t take a hint.

  13. Acosta where were you during the Obama years looking up his A__ Obama is going to be voted the worst President ever also criminalizing THE DOJ, FBI, IRS, EPA, Dept. of Energy, paying 1.5 billion for a deserter in the Army giving Iran 150 billion dollars in cash in the middle of the night and it took two plane loads, lies about Benghazi, uranium one deal a treason giving Russia 20% of our uranium and Clinton foundation getting 140 million we know you are not getting a penny less we just do not know if it was put in a foreign bank or waiting for you library to become a cash cow like the Clintons. Obama said that 2% was the normal growth rate and you would never see 4% any more. Problem he tried to grow the economy by adding 10 trillion in debt and government can not grow the economy by taxing more, regulating more and open borders and leading from behind and bowing to thugs. Obama was clueless on how to fix anything!

  14. Little sissified Acosta, who doesn’t have a manly bone in his body, loves to be a rude annoying asshole but sure as hell can’t take the return fire.

  15. rottenrollin says:

    Move to Europe, you Twerp

  16. The1Spirit says:

    The Hypocrisy here is astounding…CNN is Daily dragging Trump through the mud 24/7, then crying about being called out for it. This falls in the category of what goes around comes around, the Liberal Democratic Media needs to be disbanded completely.
    I don’t know about you, but I have had more than enough, 3 years of this garbage.
    Your Fired!!!

  17. Bob Huke says:

    The words coming out of the mouth of people such as Congress woman Maxine waters is different or in your twisted mind (Acosta) it is ok..because it’s not Donald Trump saying it..??
    Exactly how is the president wrong in saying “Exactly “what Waters says..??
    Simply put there is NO difference at all..right..??
    Employees of CNN go on national television and verbatim call the president a “Russian agent or committing “Treason’s acts ” against the people of the United states of America…?? Let’s just hope that the Lord doesn’t come down and tell the president to “Take out” Congress woman Waters’…because if he got up in front of the world and said something as ridiculous as that…you know what…they’d say he’s just plain lost it and he’s even more unhinged then the day before…!!
    However, Maxine Waters is “Normal ” and that’s the rest of the story.
    God bless America…

    1. Bob Huke says:


  18. Albedamned! says:

    You lowlife liberals have made this not in America anymore. No one speaks English, and the country is turning into a third world cesspool because of you liberals. I live in the Bronx and there is no quality of life and the NYPD will not do their jobs because of you progressive lowlife liberals and the turd of a mayor.

  19. Mark Sauck says:

    People in America were fed up with the media long before Trump came along. It became obvious because we finally have a leader who doesn’t take it like republicans in the past and stands up to them. There’s been little accountability with this country’s media in behavior that’s been so one sided for so long it’s become a norm. What’s patently obvious to most of us as what’s dishonest in people, some, and now too many pretend they’re honorable. It’s gotten worse now and too many don’t realize it.

  20. ANA APETROAE says:


  21. Big Ed says:

    Acosta is the perfect example of a urinalist. The poor baby doesn’t feel like he’s in America anymore. I know exactly how he feels because it’s the same way I feel every time I hear a news briefing from CNN-only crap and lies just like the Russians used to have to endure with their media. He can get his America back when he gives us our America back-until then, all we can hope is that his worst dreams come true and someone whacks the shit out of him.

  22. Brian Hogan says:

    So Jim Acosta, “Feels like he’s not in America anymore”, because people shouted at him, called him names, and expressed their opinion of him and the media he represents. I guess an America where the 1st amendment applies to everyone and not just to a select few scares him,but mobs destroying property and attacking people for supporting the constitution is good.

  23. j_a_b says:

    “Not in America anymore” is exactly how I feel when I go out shopping, to the doctors’, gas stations, hosptials, party stores, etc., etc.!!!!! Signs are in foreign languages, people speak in other languages (even the employees to each other!), TV is becoming mixed, politicians are now foreign who are running for governors, congress, etc. People like Acosta and other MSM people are pushing for open borders, non-citizens voting, thus giving away the U.S. citizens rights. Citizens are becoming 2nd class citizens, and the MSM promotes this. President Trump puts the U.S. first, which is why the liberal left loonies are so against him.

  24. stgabrn says:

    Acosta is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. He is a bully and too stupid to keep his mouth shut. i think he thinks he is a ladies man or else he is gay, but he is nothing but an uncouth loud mouthed fool.

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