Trump Called Racist For Lebron Comments

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  1. ADBDAB says:

    Democrats platform for Nov 2018 mid-terms; hate Trump, Racist and sex. PERVERTS

  2. Bishop351 says:

    LeBron may be kind but playing basketball isn’t rocket science. Since when is it racist to respond? Oops I guess it always is if not a democrat!

  3. Greg Wheten says:

    Lebron is a big nobody without his fans and basketball. He should stay out of politics.

  4. shamu9 says:

    Racism isn’t a Crime! It’s not a Felony, or a Misdemeanor! Remember folks Only Whites can be “Racis”! Mad Maxine has so stated!

    1. Ulla Camp says:

      That is funny, since she is the most RACIST person that I have ever heard, since I came to America……

  5. kbmiller says:

    La BRA is doing a good thing with his money. I wish MORE black athlete multi millionaires would pony up and help their peepoe in a similar manner. That truly is the AMERICAN WAY !!! Use your OWN money to further a cause you believe in !!! We all know the black community is FAILING their future generation!!! However in this particular situation, gay A$$HAT Don Lemon, “Set La BRA up” with the way the, “Racist division” question was worded. Donny’s staff had ample time to formulate the EXACT wording of their query while La BRA, not quite as bright was on his own and, pretty much, “Had” to agree or appear he was against the black community. President Trumps’ policies have helped the blacks more than ANYONE has since Emancipation. But he will stand up against ANYONE talking $HIT about him.

  6. John Bonham says:

    Good article

  7. ivdad says:

    Almost all athletes and entertainers need to keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics or policy i. General. The only thing it does is show their ignorance. If it wasn’t for his ability with a ball, LeBron would probably asking if you want fries with your order.

  8. Ulla Camp says:

    Ryan is just another democrat, so how does this NOT SURPRISE us one bit??
    Guess we would have been more surprised, had he NOT said that…….
    Democrats and liberals are “SPOON-FED” that statement about ANY and ALL republicans…
    What they do NOT realize that there are MANY blacks in our group, who does NOT think that way……..GHEE I WONDER WHY……….

    1. Ginger says:

      Ryan stuck up for that guy in Yo. Oh that got deported back to Jordan,he’s a sore loser. As for L. James he also through digs at Trump and the only reason that he’s doing something in Akron is because he kicked the Cleve Cav’s to the curb, once again. He is a loser.

  9. metheoldsarge says:

    James has been shooting insults about Trump since the election and even calling him a bum and Trump held back. I guess that is fine but for Trump to finally respond, that makes him a racist. Welcome to Double Standard Land.

  10. jumper says:

    Dragging out the race card is getting old but still popular on the left, Le Bro is dumb as a stump but no dumber than Waters or Pelosi.

  11. average Joe says:

    I don’t really enjoy being lectured on morality from some sports jock whose IQ never exceeds the temperature of a hot summer day. LeBron should keep doing what he does best which is playing ball. His pathetic attempt of of being the being a scholar demonstrates how little he studied in school.

  12. Bud William says:

    Mr. Ryan, “it is better to keep one’s mouth closed” and keep it a secret as to what a fool you are.

  13. William Brummett says:

    you people are the dumb a’s that put trump in the white house so you are the one’s that should keep your mouth shut.

  14. Gerry Costa says:

    Hey Tim ol’ Boy STFU and stop proving to the world that you are a total idiot. Stop trying to turn everything into the only card you demoSCUM know— the race card !!!! Everytime you morons open your mouths all that comes out is garbage or flat out lies.

  15. regulus30 says:

    Trump’s approval rating among blacks has DOUBLED THIS YEAR.

  16. Philomena says:

    If Lebron James calls Donald Trump a racist then James is a racist .

  17. rfrichey says:

    Where was this Ryan guy the eight years prior to Trump? division!

  18. Jean Craig says:


  19. David Swann says:

    He said “I like Mike”. Is Ryan insinuating Michael Jordan isn’t Black. Wow, democraps just keep confirming their stupidity.

  20. Danny S. says:

    Someone once said the person who is always thinking Everyone is a racist is usually the racist !

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