Democrats Defends Traitor Strzok

Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) defended former FBI agent Peter Strzok by saying he should have rather been suspended for 60 days and demoted instead rather than being fired.

Cicilline stated, “I think everyone should be concerned that this president continues to try to influence an ongoing criminal and counterintelligence investigation. He’s been attempting to undermine the individuals leading the investigation, the conclusions that they’ve reached. But the — Peter Strzok just is the most recent example. Now, let’s remember, FBI agents are allowed to have personal opinions, but they’re required to set aside those personal opinions and make judgments based on the law and the evidence. That was not only the testimony of Peter Strzok, it was the conclusion of the inspector general, who did a very lengthy investigation, lots of interviews, a thorough examination of documents. And he concluded that there was no evidence that Peter Strzok’s personal opinions in any way affected his judgment in this investigation. And as a consequence, when it was referred to for disciplinary action, the Office of Professional Responsibility said that he ought to be suspended for 60 days and demoted. That was rejected. Very unusual to reject the conclusions of the Office of Professional Responsibility, and he was fired. I think we all have to be concerned that the president’s effort is being successful in an attempt to interfere with an ongoing investigation.”

“Peter Strzok, I think, is being treated unfairly. He acknowledged that he shouldn’t have sent tweets, but they didn’t affect his judgment. They didn’t affect any decision. That was also the conclusion of the inspector general. They should have followed the regular recommendation, 60-day suspension and demotion. I think we all have to be concerned, why, in fact, was he fired? We need to have some oversight hearings to make a determination as to whether there was any political influence in that decision.”

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  1. This Congressman is a moron, the President is not influencing anything, it was the Deputy Director of the FBI that terminated Strzok quite rightly. No one with this amount of animus could possibly be impartial!

    1. BS as this President is nothing but a trouble maker as all u have to do is look at what he did to several people such as Sally Yates, Jim Comey and all the rest for no reason other than b/c of Manafort!!

      1. hildabeast lost…you can take down the poster from over your bed…

        get ready for a meltdown…

        TRUMP 2020!

      2. Keep watching The View, MSNBC and CNN, and keep your head in the sand. Next you’ll be telling us Loretta Lynch just talked golf (which she doesn’t play) and grandchildren (which she doesn’t have) with Bill Clinton on the tarmac.

        1. I’m afraid Trump is almost done according to what I’m reading but we’ll wait ans see! You sound like a guy with no brains and just grasping at anything he can!!

          1. Obviously you can’t see sarcasm when it glares at you right to your face, and obviously you are also one, who believes everything in print, so obviously you are what you just told somebody else……….

          2. He’s not done, he’s just getting started. Comey was first, then Strzok, now Brennan. Lil’ “Brucy” Ohr, James “Crapper”, Rob “Rosie-stein”, and “Chrissy” Wray are on the hit list also. Gonna be a lot fewer gators in the swamp when Trump is finished!

          1. I don’t know if that would work. I don’t think basketballs are full of HOT air, are they?

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      3. Sorry you can’t see the big picture yourself, but they really asked for it themselves…If you people would realize that every action has a re-action or consequence there would NOT be as many “trouble-makers,” which unfortunately is ALL the left is made up of……Talking about calling the kettle black

      4. What president does is the only way to clean the swamp. If you are part of that swamp, than too bad, but I am not going to cry for you.

  2. Remember though, ALL the investigators are leftist plants, and will never say anything against another leftist. they RIG everything they do, to destroy the existing administration before all their illegal doings come to light. DRAIN THE SWAMP ! MAGA

  3. Cicilline can’t possibly be as stupid as his statements make him out to be. I know he’s a Democrat and that means he starts out miles behind intelligent people, but he’s dumb even for a Democrat. What our Democrat dingbats don’t seem to understand is that they have put the newly elected president through hell-they have committed serious crimes and have projected those crimes onto Trump. I have tried to guess how it might feel to have a government agency threatening me for two years even though I haven’t broken any laws-I have great respect for Trump’s ability to withstand such an onslaught. The Democrats are the criminals in this case and they pretend that Trump is guilty of something and act as though he deserves what is being dished out to him. I insist that when this is over, as many Democrats as possible can be given the same treatment for a while and then jailed for the balance of their lives.

  4. His behavior was unacceptable, he didn’t have the same attitude towards “Hillary”. No negative text about the Clinton emails. He was truly against President Trump. The people have seen it, everyone sees it but the democrats. They are trying to ruin our country with socialism, free this or that. President Trump has done so much already. I love what he has done for the USA ??. Thank you ?? President Trump

  5. Well he certainly influenced the outcome of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. No one in mainstream media talks about that. Suddenly he’s a victim? And liberals are contributing to his fund me campaign, more than $300K the first day?

      1. it could be the lying liberals that that are hoping that he is brought up on charges and spills the the beans on them.

  6. Cicilline, you are either too unintelligent to be a congressman, or just a blatant liar. The firing was for his behavior before the investigation before the election, so anti Trump, which has now been exposed. And indeed his left wing behavior influenced his behavior toward the Hillary non-investigation, the covering up of the dossier and the continued using of the fake Clinton/Russian dossier to harass and attack Trump. And then there is the matter of your persona infidelity, just another example of Strzok’s dishonesty.
    The behavior for which he was fired had nothing to do with the investigation, nor its progress, …except, of course, that his lying about the false dossier caused an investigation in the first place.

  7. Funny the Democrats would rather just stand still for the firing squad because they are better at crying then fighting. You have a total fabricated plot to undue an election and possibly impeach a president who has done nothing after 2 years of a witch hunt run by a bias partisan and you cry foul every time Trump fires back. Good for Trump it is a rarity in Washington for a man with balls.

  8. They better because all the corruption is coming out little by little. I could not believe either side was this bad.

  9. Only an idiot could defend Strzok a traitor, a political hack, incompetent, liar and a traitor to all the good guys in the FBI. Even his lover said he lied to congress. He should be brought up on charges against the citizens of this country and if found guilty a minimum of 10 years in prison and not released one day early and ZERO RETIREMENT from the tax payers he screwed. And there are plenty more of the Obama political hacks that have to be charged.

  10. And i dont see why any one should be able to keep top secret clearance after they are not working in a place they need it ..And there is lots more up there that need FIRING

  11. Trump is crude and he is a big mouth, but I love him. After 8 years of sedition under Obama, Trump is like clean air. Screw those who don’t get it. They are part of the problem.

  12. Why is it so hard for liberals to understand that when you are overtly antagonistic and willing Trump haters, that he will flush you out of the system where you once were able to influence things in a opposition way. The president is silencing no one, They can all go on the leftist media with their TDS cheerleaders. He is rightfully purging those who could do internal harm to his policies and agenda. Give it up you losers, we citizens see you for what you are and it smells like a swamp!

    1. David you are correct in most of you statement, the only thing that I disagree with you on is that “it smells like a swamp” now if you gad said that it smelled like lagoon out behind a dairy barn on any day over 50 degrees I would have agreed with you 100%.

      1. In consideration, a swamp doesn’t smell as much as it has unsavory organisms; the extreme smell of a dairy barn lagoon is probably more appropriate. Let’s never forget the slimy creatures of the swamp too! Thanks for the comments.

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