Ronald Reagan’s Son Attacks Trump

Ron Reagan, Jr., son of former President Ronald Reagan recently appeared on MSNBC where he called President Trump an “imbecilic sociopath.”

Reagan stated, “You asked a few minutes ago if there was any other president we could remember would say anything like this about a fellow American citizen, and the answer is no, not publicly. If the last two years taught us anything, it’s that Donald Trump does not appreciate or grasp the grandeur and the dignity of the office he holds. And you are quite right if they are good people they grow into to the extent that they can. Trump has had the opposite effect. He is not growing into the dignity and the grandeur of the office he holds. He is dragging that dignity and that grandeur through the gutter. Because that is who he is. There is no larger self there.”

“What do you think you are going to get when you install in the Oval Office, an imbecilic sociopath? Things are not going to turn out well.”

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  1. Ron Reagan Jr is and has been a continual disgrace to the name of Ronald Reagan. But idiots like him (whose 15 minutes of fame expired long ago) know that they can get on radio and TV if they trash Trump. They don’t even need to have a coherent argument.

  2. This left wing nut has been trying to cash in on his fathers name for years. Didn’t work and neither does he. Pathetic loser.

  3. Yeah, I have little respect for Reagan Jr. If he wasn’t the son of a former president, his words would be just part of the incoherent liberal mantra spewed out daily. If we followed his logic, we wouldn’t see any preposterous speech coming from any politician ever and certainly not from any Democratic President. Perhaps he should open his mind to comprehend that lying with smooth, intelligent words is the way of every recent President and lies kill. His father did some stupid things, too, including giving the first amnesty to illegal aliens. His legacy is millions of unwanted, illegal aliens taking over California and turning it into a social and political pig sty and turning this nation against itself. He talked pro-life, but did nothing to save the babies. He talked prayer in the schools, but didn’t lift a finger. to change it back. I liked Reagan during his time, especially after the incompetent Carter, but his legacy is an America broken within.

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