Tallahassee Mayor Fires Shots At Republicans

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  1. John Bonham says:

    Very articulate.

    1. George Carden says:

      But no common sense. Dead from the neck up.

      1. John Bonham says:

        I find he demonstrates considerable common sense and logic. In a very articulate way.

        1. ccalmond says:

          Another stupid-ass DEMOCRAT.

          1. John Bonham says:

            With obviously a greater command of the issues and the English language than you. One who must resort to profanity or rank, unsubstantiated insults demonstrate their inherent lack; correctly described as “republican-lite”.

        2. thomas robinson says:

          articulate I’ll give you ,but he is still a democrat, and they want America destroyed, and are working feverishly to do just that !!

          1. John Bonham says:

            Illogical. Prove, with specificity and detail, how this is factually so.

          2. booboo says:

            Just another obum supporter. Communism

          3. John Bonham says:

            And you call that “proof”? laughable, but typical from the illogical uninformed minority.

          4. James L. Atchison says:

            I guess you are somewhat aware of the conspiracy Barack Obama was running against Donald Trump using the CIA, DOJ, FBI and NSA. The proof is slowly but surely coming out. H. Clinton paid for a former British spy to write a fairy tale about Donald Trump. John Brennan gave a copy of the Tale to Harry Reid and John McCain. They in turn gave it to James Comey. This Fairy Tale has cost the tax payers in excess of 25 million dollars. I did not mention the FBI love birds, Bruce and Nellie Ohr , Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Rod Roseenstien and the list goes on and on of the conspirators who have been fired, demoted or soon will be in jail.Watch Sean Hannity and you will learn something.

          5. John Bonham says:

            You may want to watch more news than just Faux, who has never won any major award.

            Then you may finally learn something of value.

          6. George Carden says:

            It’s obvious that you don’t watch Fox, because you have no clue what’s going on. I suspect that all you know is what MSNBC reports about Stormy Daniel and Cohen. The Obama left overs in the Justice Department are slowly being fired or forced to resign. Federal prosecutors have already impaneled a grand jury to investigate former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe . The onion is slowly being peeled back.

          7. John Bonham says:

            I actually do watch Faux. the difference is that I am not so mentally challenged that I am restricted to only watching only one one channel which has never received even ONE major award.

        3. George Carden says:

          He may be articulate, but if you think socialism is a common sense and logical system, then you have the same problem he does. Dead head.

          1. John Bonham says:

            This just keeps getting dumber. Obviously, logic escapes the fringe minority.

          2. George Carden says:

            You are correct, those that want socialism are the fringe minority.

          3. John Bonham says:

            Obviously logic escapes you. It is none other than the small fringe radical right minority.

          4. George Carden says:

            You do realize that it’s the left wing fringe minority that want socialism, not the right. Get your facts straight.

          5. John Bonham says:

            Just can’t argue with stupid. No one but you is found frothing about socialism, and it is not germane to this OP. The fringe and dying minority are the radical right. And Gillium, a professed Democrat (not socialist), is currently +4 points over desantis.

            This demonstrates the fringe minority of the radical right continues to be on the losing side of history.

          6. George Carden says:

            If you’re going to support Gillum then learn to spell his name correctly, Makes you look stupid. With a 4.4% margin of error. this race is a tossup. Gillum is such a liar. He says Trump is against immigration. That is a flat out lie. Trump is against ” illegal ” immigration. Gillum never mentions the word ” illegal “, so he must be for open borders. There is, also, a lingering F.B.I. investigation into Tallahassee City Hall corruption, which is not going to help his cause.

          7. John Bonham says:

            It was a simple test for the ignorant fringe radical right minority. I know his name is Gillum, and what he stated is correct. trump is against immigration as the educated are aware of. Period. And he is not a target of an FBI investigation. Unlike trump, the documented liar with over 4,000 proven lies..

            Get a life.

          8. George Carden says:

            Lol, test my foot. I know it upset you to be schooled on how to spell Gillum’s name. At least you won’t make a fool out of yourself again.
            What he stated is not correct. Trump is for legal immigration, not illegal
            immigration. He has stated that many times. You’re the one that’s uneducated on that. I never said that Gillum was the target of an FBI investigation, only that an investigation of corruption was going on at his city hall. Since he was the mayor, he could be drawn in when more info becomes available.

          9. John Bonham says:

            You continue to demonstrate your ignorance. The winning Mayor Gillum’s name is right in the top of post for all to see, and you were tested on your ability to demonstrate at least a modicum of cognitive reading skills. As you have passed this simple test, I am willing to discuss your further error.

            First, conduct your research to find trump is not for immigration of peoples of color; either illegal or legal. For one who has told over 4,000 lies, a prudent person would not believe anything he states on its face.

            Secondly, Mayor Gillum “could be drawn in” is speculative at best until evidence is revealed to the contrary. Just like the FBI/DOJ’s investigation into the president. The evidence will speak for itself in due time.

          10. George Carden says:

            Well, you finally spelled his name correctly. I’m proud of you. You will no longer look like a fool.

            You are still incorrect on his immigration policy. Don’t know where you heard that he was against legal immigration for people of color. That is a flat out lie. Naturally he is against any illegal immigration, regardless of color, as most true Americans are. Trump,also, employees many people of color in the Trump organization. You probably didn’t know that.

            Where can I find that list of 4000 lies that you continue to mention.

          11. John Bonham says:

            Unfortunately, there is still nothing keeping you from looking like a fool. Trump does employ some people of color in the organization in low-paying service areas (including requesting more immigrants); however those in the administration are practically nil.

            Since you appear incapable of doing this simple research on your own, I will provide just one of several sources of trump’s lies:


            And his being against legal immigration, among several sources:



            Try to do some of this simple research on your own. It may help educate you and make you look less of a fool so I may finally be proud of you.

          12. George Carden says:

            The Times, Post and USA Today are three left wing rags that support the democrat party. They slam Trump every day and I don’t believe half of what they editorialize.
            In the Times article, those items listed are either statements taken out of context, exaggerations by Trump or half truths.
            In the Post article, first paragraph, ” We welcome legal immigrants.”
            Nuff said.
            Trump employs construction companies to build his buildings and other projects. Those companies employ many people of color. Those jobs are not low paying service jobs.

          13. John Bonham says:

            It is a truism that “one can’t argue with a fool, as they will win every time”. I told you there were several sources with which you may educate yourself. Denying factual data from established real news sources is on you alone. If you do not like facts, preferencing “alternative facts”, then enjoy your alternate reality.

            The vast majority of Americans know better.

          14. George Carden says:

            I stand by everything that I’ve said. If you want to continue to follow the NYT and Washpo , knock yourself out. You’re not going to get an unbiased view of political news. Try watching Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, Hannity on Fox ( you’ll learn something about the corrupt DOJ and FBI under the Obama admistration ) and the website I know it’s hard to convince young sculls full of mush
            but maybe there is still hope for you.

          15. John Bonham says:

            There is obviously no help for you. Faux Noos is the only broadcast organization who has never won even ONE award for Journalism. The intelligent person knows why, even based on what hannity stated.

            The vast majority of Americans know better. And do better than you.

  2. R Parten says:

    He said nothing new!

  3. Melody Martin says:

    I’m sorry, I read that a dozen times and all I can come up with is It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

  4. reconst52 says:

    This guy is an idiot and is only running on the race card. Look what Obama did to this country.Garbage people!

  5. If he wins Florida will look like California with a flood of illegals, homeless that do not want to work but want to create a cesspool, providing everyone free health care would balloon the deficit and your beautiful state will look like San Francisco and LA.

  6. thomas robinson says:

    Running blacks, browns and young voters to the polls won’t necessarily win you the votes you think are all in your favor. some of these voters may have awaken to the complete hatred, and lies spewed by the democrats for the sole purpose of buying votes. A lot of them have come around to the knowledge that democrats are offering them NOTHING, that they can live happily with. you promote socialist ideas that have never worked in history, you remove history from classrooms so they will never learn the “TRUTH” about the democrats past, which is filled with hate(KKK) being your best known club, one of you have antifa, BLM, and others supported by the left, while trying to pass them off as white,racist republican groups, of which they’re have numerous democrats(registered or not) out shooting people, all with intent to disarm Americans, to make us defenseless against any and all groups hell bound to take our beloved country away from us, and turn us into another THIRD WORLD country, and we all can see what that has done to those nations.!!

  7. Richard Walker says:

    What is he going to run on? Socialism? Yes, that is what the voters of Florida want, an economy modeled on Venezuela. Let’s see how quickly we can squander the wealth of the state on social giveaway programs that pay the sloths of society for not working and producing anything. Let’s become a sanctuary state and invite illegal aliens into the communities to live next door and use resources paid for by hard working taxpayers and likely as not commit crimes (which they have already done by entering the country illegally). Let’s raise the taxes on businesses so they move to other states and be like California or Illinois or New York. Yes, let’s be stupid and elect Gillum.

    I was living in Germany when the wall fell, and I went with some German friends to visit what was still East Germany, the worker’s paradise. Crossing into the East the difference I saw could not have been more stark. From a bright cheery and prosperous country to drabness and poverty, it was like going from Times Square to the slums of Delhi (I have been to both). Same country and resources, just a different philosophy of government. Everywhere I have seen a socialist/communist.regime in power, which is almost all of Africa, I saw poverty and misery. Yes, if you want to be poor and miserable socialism will take you there. Those who want it in this country are idiots at best and traitors to the founding principles this country was built on.

    1. Medic RN says:

      Spot on ! I’ll vote for YOU Richard.

      1. Richard Walker says:

        Thanks Medic!

        I am over here in Louisiana so I don’t think they will let me run. You might have noticed I am conservative and a Capitalist. I am worried for the country because the progressives have educated our youth into ignorance of the dangers of socialism and communism. As a former Marine pilot I have some ideas of how to fix that, but no one would accept my solutions because the snowflakes would melt. However any that survived would come out as steel …

        1. Medic RN says:

          Turn on the lights right now! Far worse than the liberal agenda is closing our kids minds to higher truths. Richard, I don’t have a clue beyond criminal penalties for political indoctrination? Write a law? Consequences for poisoning the well?

          1. Richard Walker says:

            I reckon that the pendulum has swung onto the liberal/idiot side. Because lunacy lies there, it won’t stay long because the philosophy, after you study it, is a study in idiocy. I am trusting in the sanity of the majority of hard working tax paying Americans to keep the loons out of power. Having said that, if conservatism fails we will end up all like the cesspool that is California. Solution? Learn to hunt and live off the land until the civil war is over and the inmates are no longer running the asylum.

            In the meantime, homeschool your children and avoid the brainwashing of public schools (indoctrination centers).

          2. Medic RN says:

            Liberal idiots are malignant. Far worse, they don’t know it.
            See you at the polls.

        2. Ulla Camp says:

          Then move to Florida, and you could run, I know you wouldhave my daughter’s and her husband’s voices and they just so happen to live in Tallahassee…….

          1. Richard Walker says:

            Well, Ulla, do you have a Gulfstream or Falcon I could fly? Unfortunately Tallahassee is a liberal place much like Austin in Texas. Interesting how the liberals move in and take over the politics of the capitol in a red state. You’d think the locals would be smarter than that.

      2. Skip says:

        They depend on the idiot liberals to believe their rhetoric and cant explain how the real world works… enjoy your lives, liberals and when socialism fails and communism fails welcome back to the real world!! Careful what you believe in!!

        1. Medic RN says:

          Have given this a lot of thought: Post socialist-communist countries are…pathetic. Their populations rarely learn…. anything… from their brutal experiences.% East Germans wanted the wall back up?
          Point: Although certain to run out of money and fail, recovery to liberty, freedom & opportunity are rich fruits, not known to them.
          Poison. And MSM will preach it so. America will just be fouled real estate.

  8. Norman Fox says:

    Guess this idiot has not realized that the dum o rats have moved lots of minorities already. These idiots and the wishful giveaways have been found out that it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors for votes. IN FACT THE DUM O RATS HAVE DONE SO GOOD THAT THEY HAVE CHASED VAST NUMBERS TO THE REPUBLICANS AND POSITIVE VOTES. He should be so happy

  9. Berengaria says:

    Since Gillum desires Black, Brown, Progressive & Most of All, YOUNG Voters, how long will it be until Gillum teams up with the “Wild Hogg” of Florida? Both detest “Old White Voters” & the Hogg had said that Old, White People should get out of his way & let the “YOUNG”People Take Over.
    Heaven Help Us in Florida, because these two DEMS are the Darlings of the Infamous “Fake News Media”.
    Do Not Let EM near the Statehouse,
    NO GILLUM & NO HOGG! Please.

    1. booboo says:

      Young people don’t have enough good sense. They need to stay away from voting booths.

  10. Medic RN says:

    The problem is that once elected, seated, all of them are unaccountable, irresponsible and unpredictable.
    Frustrated? Scared.

  11. Preston Troutman says:

    Yes Mr.Gillum, folks in Florida are frustrated !! We are frustrated at people like you Democrats who want open borders, Sanctuary cities, higher taxes, socialist government, and obstructionism of everything Trump !! You and your followers have nothing positive to offer for the betterment of Florida…just more racist accusations and divisiveness !!

  12. booboo says:

    No one wants communism

  13. Mac Daddy says:

    Yea we are tired of Socialist & their social programs that are for everybody especially Illegal Aliens, Criminals & Generational Welfare riders who don’t have to pay the taxes like the Middle-Class that this Obama Reject hates so much. The day we see a Socialist not just say but do something for Middle-Class & Middle of the Road Americans other then justifying his crime ridden city stats, low moral values, violation of our Constitutional Rights & backing of Fascist groups like Antifa & BLM then I may listen to BS rhetoric that he is for all Americans. Until then Middle Class Americans of all Colors, Shapes, Sizes, & Beliefs should watch the Slick Socialists that claim to be Democrats because if they get in you get just what you deserve like all the other countries who went Socialist & are now run by Fat Cat Dictators.

  14. damorris says:

    Your headline is egregiously inaccurate and hyperbolic, especially with the many recent shootings in the U.S. Try again.

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