Why We Must Secure Our Border

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) believes that Republicans have a better chance keeping a majority after the midterm elections if they get the border wall started.

“What was probably the single biggest promise Republicans made to the voters in 2016? It was the border security wall, so let’s get that done here before the end of the fiscal year,” Jordan said. “Let’s do what we said and let’s head into the election and let’s keep the majority.”

“[W]e increase our chances of keeping the majority if we do a simple thing: do what we promised the voters what we were going to do. And again, this was probably the central thing that the people elected Republicans to do is secure our border, build the border security wall, so let’s get it done on this spending bill.”

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  1. I will definitely NOT disagree with Mr. Jordan, and along with the case he makes, he should also constantly remind everyone of the promise that the democRATs made to secure the border – yes they did – way back when they made a ‘deal’ with Reagan for amnesty for around 3 million illegals. Of course they didn’t deliver on that promise. Come to think of it, the only ‘promise’ that they have kept was to raise taxes and grow an over bloated big government. Period.

    1. There is a distinct difference between Democrats and Trump-the Democrats have proven time-after-time that they can promise anything and then basically say to the people, go to hell! On the other hand, anyone who is watching knows that Trump is actually busting his butt to do everything he promised.

  2. There must be a wall. A physical barrier can’not be unfunded when the lefties get back in. They are sure to unfund the border safety electronics.

  3. Politicians, used car-sales men and door-to-door sales men can all go hand in hand; they will promise you anything to get you to buy, but the majority do NOT deliver all they promise ( I could have been blunt and phrased it in other words, but chose NOT to)….The only promises that the democrats have ever kept are the ones telling us that it will be difficult to have money left over after TAXES are paid………WE NEED THE WALL not only to keep criminal elements out but also for health reasons, you NEVER know what kind of diseases thosr ILLEGALS can carry over with them………

  4. I just read if the liberals aka ‘dumbocraps’ take back the White House,they’ll fight for all the illegals and ‘boat people’ who’ve swamped this country draining public services and generally getting all kinds of concessions they’re not entitled to, basically open borders.
    We can’t and won’t let this happen, for sure! As a California resident I’m sick and tired of having to get in line behind ‘boat people’, thousands of rude ill mannered illegal chinese cretins’ who’re first in line for all the ‘giveaways’ despite not being eligible and they spit on the American flag. These rude, ill mannered disgusting cretins have overrun San Francisco and turned many beautiful and clean neighborhoods into third world toilets.. Listen people, the time is now, time to get rid of all the liberals allowing this destruction of America. Since when are the American taxpayers responsible for supporting the third world? if you don’t believe what the liberals have planned for America, come to California and San Francisco in particular and see the destruction for yourself: failing and crappy infrastructure, bums and homeless ‘tent’ encampments as far as the eye sees, crime out of control, streets that reek with the stench of urine and human feces, littered with used condoms and dirty needles unaffordable housing costs and costs of living and some of the highest taxes to pay for all this ‘socialistic’ BULL***T! Yes folks, this is the legacy of the liberals aka ‘dumbocraps’ pure and simple. Please people, if you hold life in America sacred, I beg you to vote out of office ALL ‘dumbocraps’ aka liberals who’s mantra of ‘all for me and F**K everyone else as long as I live my Champagne and caviar luxury lifestyle, have S**T loads of hard earned taxpayers funds to dole out ‘freebies’ to all of my constituents thus assuring future ‘dumbocrap’ voters, don’t have to answer to anybody, especially the American people all while promoting my own personal agenda and getting a big paycheck, all is good and it’s business as usual’.The mid term election in November is less than 2 months away and the perfect time to begin the ‘dumbocrap’ purge and continue with all elections until ALL of these anti American thieves are gone forever!

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