Why Andrew Gillum Is Dangerous For Florida

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  1. Tim says:

    well one thing is for sure, after what I seen Odumber do when he was given power, I will never ever vote for a black man again. Everything is about race, not to mention the damage he did to America. Just look at how them dumbass on the left is acting. Tell me one who is worth electing to an office of power? None!! Not one of the hating lying bastards

    1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

      I don’t know why ANYBODY would EVER vote for a Demonrat!
      Especially a Socialist Demonrat. They all want to give away freebies to
      all of the illegals. NONE of these candidates can tell you how to pay for
      their grand ideas. At least Cynthia Nixon admits that she doesn’t know
      where the money will come from. Then, like Nancy Necrosi, she says,
      just pass it, then we will figure it out. LOL

      1. Tim says:

        You got that right Susan. It absolutely amazes me that a Demo-rat/Liberal party even exist in this country. This is a capitalist nation. The free loading bastards who think this country owes them free health care, free education, free housing,free food, free phone & on & on. If you don’t work for these things I just mentioned above then you shouldn’t have them, period! The more you give them the more they want! It is never enough. It’s time this country takes care of the tax paying citizens. The heartbeat of this country. We give more than any other nation they are already if you don’t like it then please leave it, we don’t want you hear. I’m so sick of hearing about the minorities, the illegals and what they need. As long as you are supporting someone’s habits they will never work. let them starve until they decide to go to work. If you didn’t pay into the system you shouldn’t get a dime outta it. I could go on and on. But that’s all the demo-rats & Liberals run for office on. Elect me and I’ll give you this & that free.

        1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

          Illegals are like the never-do-well relative that comes to visit and stays.
          They drain all of your resources, trash your house, invite their many
          dead beat friends and relatives, get into trouble with the law, DUIs
          drug deals and abuse, maybe a murder or two. They NEVER leave.
          When you kick them out and send them home, they tend to come back.
          They demand more and more. They invite all of their scumos into your
          once-wonderful home. It’s okay because they will only rob, rape, kill,
          and destroy, So, what’s wrong with this picture? Liberals are deceived to trust these individuals to come here and not eventually kill them too.
          It’s all okey dokey til some of their family members get dismembered!

          1. Tim says:

            well said Susan. Liberals are living proof of one thing for sure ”you can’t fix stupid”’ Call me a racist, call me a whatever you want I want my old America back.

          2. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

            I agree Tim.

          3. eclemensen says:

            You are both Lemmings.

          4. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

            Call us names if you like, but we are not the ones following the
            dead end trail of the socialist/demonrats/communists or whatever
            they call themselves, that used to be plain old Democrats.

          5. eclemensen says:

            what names you call yourself Irredeemable, but it is you that is following the dead end path, just like you did under “W’ and probably Reagan. Socialist. Just whom is your boy kissing ass. but the three leaders of socialist countries. still plain old democrats unlike Ault right, Teaparty, John Birch the list goes on and on, evangelic (im) moral majority, white Supremist, which is it this week.

          6. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

            It is funny that you believe the Democrats of years ago are the same
            as these new fanatic, insane, hateful, violent, psychopaths of today.
            They’re not the same at all. I don’t really know of all of the different
            Republican groups. I only know that liberals always lump us in with
            white Supreminatzis which is NOT truthful at all. It is in no way a fair
            description of us at all. They are just as radical and insane as the
            hate groups on the left.

          7. eclemensen says:

            Miami streets are awash with sea water, twice a day. the bays are full of pollution, The state is the leader of gun violence, all this happening during the ( forward momentum) of the republican party.

          8. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

            You make no sense at all.
            I think Chicago alone leads in gun violence and they have strick
            gun laws. Pollution didn’t just now happen. It has gone unchecked
            during many administrations.

          9. Tim says:

            put your pipe down man & stop just babbling bullshit like it’s the truth. If you fact check yourself you’ll find out that Chicago beats out Fla. in gun violence almost 4 to 1 on shooting. And the truth about what administration is most responsible for all the violence is no other than the race baiting America hating ODumber & Joe Biden.

  2. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

    I live in Florida and can tell that we need Ron DeSantis to be our Governor.
    What we do NOT need is Andrew Gillum, and his socialist pipe dream give-aways.
    When the interviewers ask Gillum how he will pay for his 33 Trillion dollar programs,
    he diverts to a different topic, immediately. He has some magic-wand idea that the
    money will miraculously appear out of thin air. Not very honest, nor practical for our
    Sunshine State economy. Then to cover his questionable doings, he pulls the race
    card on his opponent. Vote for DeSantis for the future of our great state! Florida’s
    future is far too important to “monkey this up”!

    1. GomeznSA says:

      Susan, perhaps y’all need to get someone down there to analyze what he did as mayor and publicize it – that might convince some skeptics to NOT vote for him.

      Oh yeah, socialists are bad for any and all places that they crop up – we have several running here in Texas as well.

      1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

        I pray that Ted Cruz will win over O’Rourke.

  3. jackcandobutwont says:

    Liberals are locusts, the destroy and devour everything in their path, leaving a wake of death and destruction…..same as moooosies!!

  4. Ris4Florida says:

    I am speaking from experience on living in the most CORRUPT Dem O CRACK HEAD State in America. Where the Working class people who & it doesn’t matter what race you are as long as they get your hard earned dollars & put the First couple billion dollars into their friends pockets, Contractors, Media, cover up’s, then give everyone raises no one deserves, then tell the Utility companies Go raise your rates to cover your Lying, Murder, destroying of a city block make the tax payers paid for your lack of following Gov. Regs! Not to mention letting ILLEGAL aliens into our Country who muder,rape, sell drugs, do drugs, Bring into WE THE PEOPLE’S COUNTRY ALL THE DISEASE’S THAT KILL OUR PEOPLE! THEN GIVE THEM BENEFITS
    THEY NEVER PAID INTO! SOCIAL SECURITY IS FOR ONLY THE PEOPLE WHO PAID INTO IT SO HOW DOES FOREIGNERS GET ON IT NEVER WORKING A DAY IN AMERICA! But coming to Florida in 2014 because of the lovelies in that Dem. State & seeing how a state is supposed to run for the People,by the people is very, very awesome! Saying that Florida has some Stupid liberals one the Mayor of Orlando who is starting to go down that path that another one did in the Dem. State not good! The other one is the soon to be x mayor of Orange county she always thinks she has the right to do whatever she wants & most of the time it’s just for TV time! So FLORIDA DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY VOTE FOR A TRUE LEADER IN RON DeSantis & for the Republican across THE BALLAD SO OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP CAN CONTINUE getting America back to who it really belongs to WE THE PEOPLE,OF THE PEOPLE,BY THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE!

    1. Dennis Diggett says:

      I disagree. Living in Andrew Cuomo’s NY I can not believe Florida is more corrupt.

      1. CinciJim says:

        Dennis, perhaps I misunderstood the post, but I got the impression Ris4Florida had left the most corrupt Dem state (I got the image it was Commiefornia), and now lives in Florida, but sees similar problems starting to arise in Florida’s larger cities with Dem mayors. Ris4Florida is pleading for Florida voters to stop the craziness before it spreads. Again, unless I misunderstood the post altogether.

        In my opinion, NY is a very close second to CA. Sometimes I think these 2 governors are actually competing to see who can be the most libtarded. I feel for you; I left NY (state) over 37 years ago and never looked back.

        1. Dennis Diggett says:

          Your are absolutely correct, I misunderstood; he moved from the most corrupt state, CA to FL and is hoping FL doesn’t end up the same way.

      2. Ris4Florida says:

        Hey Dennis, Florida right now is not CORRUPT, What I ment is Coming from California the most CORRUPT STATE in America,The Democratic party has single handed destroyed one of the most prettiest, open, Beautiful states anywhere in the world! They closed off some of the best accesses to get to the Ocean, Forest, anything you want to do as far as outside from boating,fishing, sking, going to see the big trees, or Pebble Beach, Etc. Cost you bucks,car registration new car 500 to 1500 a year, ins. Full coverage 1800 one car.
        ILLEGAL aliens get anything from Gov. Police, Media. Home owner’s get nothing but told to live with it! This is what VOTING MR. GILLUM into any GOV. Office WOULD START WHAT CALIFORNIA IS GOING THRU TODAY, WORKING CLASS IS RUNNING AWAY FASTER THAN ILLEGALS ARE WELCOME IN. Dem O CRACK HEADS are PISS OFF because not only of Trump it’s because Mr PRESIDENT TRUMP is what WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BEEN WAITING FOR TO SHUT THESE CORRUPTION FILLED GOVERNMENT ASSHOLES WHO DO NOTHING FOR WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE,& EVERYTHING FOR WHO WANTS TO KILL WE THE PEOPLE, They come here get out money ,welfare,Social security,how & why We have American’s who can’t get AS without a ATTORNEY & they worked hard their whole life but a scumbag foreigners come in get right on it BECAUSE OF OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, & ALL HIS MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD TERRORIST! WELL I CAN TELL EVERYONE ANY OF THESE LOW LIFES DO (ANYTHING) To Our Elected President or Family) EXPECT A WAR LIKE NO OTHER! WILL NOT BE LIKE JFK, MLK,THE

        1. Dennis Diggett says:

          OK, but I still think NY is a really close second to California.

          1. Ris4Florida says:

            Dennis, as long as we all vote in this midterm for the People who back out President Trump & to FINALLY put everyone of the CORRUPT DC PRICKS in PRISON! From insider trading to not paying their own TAXES to setting up a investigation into a AMERICAN Citizen by the other party FBI,DOJ,NSA,CIA, & PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES MR. OBAMA! ALL NEED TO BE IN PRISON OR IF FOUND OF THE REAL CRIMES OF TREASON HANGED ON PRIME TIME TO SHOW OTHER PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BECOME CORRUPT & SEE THE PRICE YOU WILL PAY!

  5. A Patriot of Quincy says:

    Coming from Massachusetts and settling in Florida at an early age was a gift I never understood. After returning from Vietnam and serving my country I raised my family here. I visited Quincy a couple of years back and saw what liberalism had done to that city and to Massachusetts. Many of the signs were in a language I could not read. I visited a cemetery that I knew as a child. many of John Adams family members were buried there as were soldier who fought in the revolution. The cemetery was a shambles and a disgrace because liberals don’t care about history, sacrifice or the respect of our origins. Just your money for their immigration and votes. Andrew Gillum will destroy the stability of our state, He is a socialist, and socialist lean toward communism that controls all things bad for us, mostly your life. He will tax businesses away from Florida and install sanctuary’s for criminals in our major cities. He is pro-growth for everything but American Ideals, Capitalism, and Free Enterprise. He will destroy Florida arm and arm with Obama, Pelosi, and Schumer. He will bring no sunshine to this state, just lots of darkness.

    1. CinciJim says:

      Thank you for your service to our great country, Patriot.

      After being born & raised in NY State, I left some 37+ years ago and moved to Florida; 8 years in Tampa Bay, then 6 years in Jacksonville. The job I had in Jacksonville required me to travel nearly the entire state of FL, and yes, I had been to Quincy a few times. My job moved me to Ohio 23 years ago, so yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve been there, but I remember Quincy as a quaint, homey, smaller city in which I felt safe and comfortable.

      I’m sorry the libtards are having their way with your hometown. It’s sad to see the leftist mental disorder take hold anywhere. But somehow it does, and once it takes root, it seems there’s no getting rid of it – it’s like an aggressively invasive weed. When you see a great city reduced to shambles, you can be assured it has had a long-running liberal “leadership”. I truly fear where this nation is headed. While I’m thankful I won’t be around to see its demise, I feel badly for the coming generations who will know and understand nothing of the true freedoms we have enjoyed.

      Take care Patriot, thanks again for your service, and may God bless you and yours.

      1. eclemensen says:

        And I’m sorry that neither of you has checked your history of Florida and seen that it has been run (down) by the Republicans for the past sixteen years.

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