Should The GOP Take Obama On?

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  1. alice robinson says:

    To take on Obama would be to bring notice to him and what he says. To ignore Obama would be the ultimate insult. You guess what my advice would be.

    1. GomeznSA says:

      Yeah but unfortunately ignoring him has not worked. He’s like the old gray cat wearing bad penny loafers – oh wait that last part might hit a little too close to the truth [-) – so perhaps it is time to confront him directly – but where to start – Fast & Furious? Solyndra? Shovel Ready Jobs? Cash for Clunkers? Sealed birth and academic records? Decisions, decisions.

    2. Fedup says:

      The ultimate insult would be to try him for reason and fraud on the American people and put him into GITMO.

  2. Robert DeLong Ph.D. says:

    Only if they point out the successes of this administration.
    No fluff or meaningless comments.

    1. Tom says:

      What successes? From where I sit his so-called administration was a complete failure and fraught with corruption and lies.

    2. Robert DeLong Ph.D. says:

      Some comments do not merit a reply.

  3. jackel says:

    There is no meaningful debate with the man. He is a documented liar over the last 8 year’s. Why trust him! He will ignore and twist facts for those that don’t know any.
    Just wish he and a lot like him would go away. We don’t need more negative and meaningless ramblings!

    1. GomeznSA says:

      jackel – he has been lying for a lot longer than the last 8 years – but you are correct he just need to go away – preferably to federal prison.

  4. ROB says:

    Naw let him say what he pleases. Ya’ll ain’t gonna do it anyhow because you are afraid of the color of his skin. Oh the media may paint us as being racist when in fact he and his husband/wife mushell are 2 of the most racist people who have ever been in Washington. And the party they belong to are right behind them.

  5. Christiann says:

    Obama MUST be investigated, his records unsealed, indicted, and executed for his fraud, treason and sedition against America!!

  6. Darrell G. Walton says:

    Yes call him out at every instance and corner him with the undeniable and undisputed facts every time what he says pops up in the media!

    The slacking DOJ has its head in the sand and the MSM paid by Soros has much swept under the rug of his regime’s scandals and treasons that all Patriots should never let the American people forget!

    Speak Out And Educate!!!

  7. Obama’s game will be up when the criminalized FBI and DOJ agents are found guilty in court and there will be ones willing to sing and tell them who criminalized them for a shorter time in jail. It wasn’t Comey, Mueller, lynch, or any of the other dept. heads. It came from Obama and he should be doing 20 years and all should loose there benefits.

  8. Bishop351 says:

    Stop debating and simply prove what a fraud he is. Strip him of his pension, his secret service entourage, and send him home to Kenya. How stupid can we be when all his credentials were in question.

  9. dumbvet says:

    Not take him on, take him out! LOL!

  10. Fedup says:

    Trump needs to do do whatever is necessary to unseal the Obama’s records, his and hers, and expose them for exactly what they really are. Obama is still trying to destroy our country. He thinks if he succeeds he will be the head muslim in our country. Obama paid Iran 1.7 trillion to accept the Iran Nuclear deal, I wonder how much the kick back was? Maybe that’s how Obama could afford to buy three multi million dollar mansions.

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