Will More Women Come Out Against Kavanaugh?

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  1. DustyFae says:

    I guess more will come out, depends on how much Soros and his people want to pay them…

  2. June G says:

    Soros is alive so the poor women are ALL coming out now. $$$ must be good for these witches to LIE FOR A BUCK. I am a 73 yr old Lady and I am sick of this crap from Democommies. Why haven’t they hung Bill yet? Guess those real victims don’t matter. Disgusting. That accuser needs to stay her lying ass in CA with the rest of the creeps and liars.

    1. Jeanne Stotler says:

      One wrote a letter now has recalled it, seems the ones lying don’t realize lying in a hearing is perjury. Now we have a honored Judge facing, what looks like false accusations and is all but Cruzified, and Ellison who’s accuser has pictures, and is getting the write off from his fellow Dems. Now with atty’s in family I do know a little about law, since when does an accuser dictate how a hearing is held, particularly in Congress, and that her testimony not heard by the accussed, she must not have ever read the Constitution.

    2. Norman Fox says:

      Well put Miss June

    3. cp123 says:

      Exactly and no one is helping the woman beaten up by Democrat Keith Ellison!!!

  3. rtryon says:

    Sen. Feinstein must have a list of several hundred fine upstanding women like her willing to allege that they were at the party and saw what the Judge was doing, but escaped so fast that they don’t remember where it was or when!

  4. Agostino says:

    Unless this was a pattern of behavior that continues today in some form, I consider it irrelevant. His record on the Circuit Court for the last ten years should be disposative.

    1. rfrichey says:

      Exactly, a leopard doesn’t change its spots.

  5. progressivewatcher says:

    DustyFae you are correct. It is to bad the FBI will not investigate Soros. Keith Ellison is another example of the Democrat double standard. There are many more.
    This 11 th hour woman can allegedly tell the truth or fabricate what ever and no one can prove or dis prove her story, But Kavanaugh must be coincided a liar.
    Soros funded an ad with several women reading the same script with same words.

    1. Norman Fox says:

      Why the FBI to investigate? Lets see I come from an area in Florida where we put man on the moon. I am proud to say I was a part of that. NOW TO THE REAL STUFF. I was and did get a TOP SECRETE CLEARANCE FROM THE DoD and FBI. They filled in some blanks I do not even remember doing, and there was some doozie s. They filled in banks of who what when and where,(FBI) in order to get the clearance. So it seems mighty funny with that extensive of background research on me the same was not done to Judge Kavanaugh. STANDS TO REASON. So who is not doing their job and who is out and out lying?

      1. T Stewart says:

        He was vetted by the FBI 6 times. Don’t you read anything?

  6. Rodney says:

    If there were others, they would have piled on by now. This female is story telling and it will blow up in the lefts face. It already has to an extent. A Huff Post / YouGov poll showed only 26% believe this female and surprisingly, men made up the majority of the believers.

  7. metheoldsarge says:

    Democrats and RINOs aren’t fooling everyone. I believe that their concerns for the alleged victim is the least of their concerns. They do not want a Trump appointee on the Supreme Court. They couldn’t care less about the victim. There is no doubt in my mind that if Hillary was president and a similar thing happened with one of her Court Nominees, The Democrats would be doing everything possible to silence the victim.

  8. Norman Fox says:

    This is so typical of bitch women who think men owe them a living. TO THOSE LADIES AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE I WILL APOLOGIZE IF THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH YOU.

    What we are seeing now is a whore in movies, claiming something that still has yet to be proved. Unless I missed something where is the PROOF OF DOCUMENTS, BANK ACCOUNT DEPOSIT ETC. All she has done is ACCUSED WITH NO PROOF. If she is right WHY IS THIS NOT IN A COURT TO LAW?
    All she wants is 15min of glory and money her body is fading into the sunset.What an ugly bitch.

    I have to agree is this was what occurred some 30years ago why was there no complaint? If she stated this is 2012 WHY did she or family encourage her to go to the police? All I see here is another liberal bitch who wants 15 min of fame and money. It to me and I am sure a multitude of others a put up bunch of BS. Could it be Ford was on a make out session of raging hormones wanting sex? How did anyone get her into a bedroom in the first place. AH SO MANY QUESTIONS OF HER INTEGRITY, after all I do not remember the first boy or girl at that age who did not make out and even further. I grew up in the early 60’s when that was not suppose to happen. HMM MOTHER NATURE HAS HER OWN WAYS OF CHANGING MALE AND FEMALE SEXUAL THOUGHTS. Ford can blame her.

    1. June G says:

      Well, as an older woman with Morals, had this actually happened a victim would well remember, place, time, date and what was in the room. You would not forget for 30+ years. Hog wash! She has a vendeta and is being paid well to shame her sons and husband for a buck. Shame on her. It just so happened to come out right before a vote. Damn I didn’t fall off the banana boat yesterday.

      1. Norman Fox says:

        JUST another thought. I have found (being a man) that women are like elephants. THEY NEVER FORGET. So to me and having known a lady who shared with me that she was raped, (a very private matter) she told me ALL the details down to the description of the bathroom, what he was wearing as well as she.

        It is also known that women never forget important events in life, no matter what. IF THIS IS NOT SIGNIFICANT OCCURRENCE WHAT IS? Suppression of the act is always a possibility. But in this case far from probably. She can recall too much for one. I am sure that there just might be more in her marriage counseling than addressed here, COVER UP QUITE POSSIBLE. Or if there is no more in notes a piss poor concealer. DID ANYONE EVER ASK HER “DID SHE HAVE HE HOTS” FOR THE JUDGE? Did she get pissed becasue he would not play along. It has happened many times to many people

      2. rfrichey says:

        I bet she can remember where she was and what she was doing when Elvis died.

  9. David Strader says:

    The “war on women” is about who… start a list: William Jefferson Clinton, Theodore Kennedy (Mary Jane, autopsy results), Al Franken, John Edwards, Keith Ellison (video and physician records), Cory Booker (he describes the event in his own book) we can all see the double standard. What can be investigated by the FBI, location… unknown, date… unknown, what happened after… unknown, what happened before… unknown. Pretty difficult investigation.

  10. Angelshot 9876 says:

    65 women signed a letter, not a requested , that Brett Kavanaugh has always treated women with honor and respect. 1 woman claims sexual assault from 36 years ago. A woman BTW who is an anti-Trumper, liberal college professor, who most of her students think she’s crazy and whose brother happens to work for Fusion GPS the creator of the fake RUSSIAN DOSSIER. Her memory fails, or her delaying tactics to testify is because the Democrats do not have her fully rehearsed so she comes off credible. I DON”T BELIEVE HER

  11. SGT ROCK says:

    Why do you think the Demorats want to stall and wait as long as possible???? Talk about “dragging a $100 dollar bill through a trailer park”? I am sorry, but this Ford witch came forward because Soros, the DNC. probably both payed her ass!!! So this is what they really need more time!! They are trying to find more “SKANKS” that they can pay to say what they need them to say and not be afraid to purger themselves for the “SISTERHOOD & THE CAUSE”!!! WHAT SKUNKS!!!!1

  12. Estell Newton says:

    It never happened so there cannot be any more women unless they are lying also.

    1. ANA APETROAE says:

      and see the truth about the lie woman.

      1. Estell Newton says:

        What is coming out is that she didn’t really care about who she slept with. And even if that isn’t true, men do NOT take women–regardless of their ages, into a bedroom with a second man in there also and not do something. If this really happened at a party, why didn’t she scream loud enough for others to hear her? t never happened.

        1. ANA APETROAE says:

          I agree. This woman is a LIER.
          Use this history for her party DEMOCRATS.
          i look at and i see what person is LIER.
          Now need learn : man is not every time guilty.

          1. Estell Newton says:

            Even if she weren’t a democrat I wouldn’t believe her. There are too many things missing that she would have remembered if any of her story were correct.

  13. ANA APETROAE says:


    and see who tell the truth .

  14. damorris says:

    Sure,as many women as can be bought will “come out” against Kavanaugh.
    George should post an ad on kraigslist: ” billionaire offers substantial reward for women,or men ,who were molested by Brett Kavanaugh”. Probably get a 100,000 or more responses, and they can all testify at the circus,should delay his confirmation until 2026, and THAT is the object,isn’t it?.

  15. Jim Johnson says:

    Well the Democrats already had to go back 35 years to Kavanaugh’s high school days to find an “accuser”. What’s next? Someone that was a little girl when Kavanaugh was 5 – and he pulled her pigtails? Funny that you always see pictures of Kavanaugh’s “accuser”, and she’s always wearing shades – guess the eyes might tell the truth?

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