Sen. Gillibrand Believes Both Kavanaugh Accusers

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) confirmed that she without a doubt believes both Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez.

Gillibrand stated, “I’ve heard from both sides, and I believe Dr. Blasey Ford and I believe Ms. Ramirez. Both of their stories are credible. Unlike his, where he wouldn’t actually answer the question or say why he wouldn’t be interviewed by the FBI. That’s not the response of someone who wants to plead his innocence. I believe both of these women because there are corroborating witnesses who have testimony that is relevant to these accusations. Dr. Blasey Ford told her therapist five years ago, and her husband. She told a friend a year ago. She told a reporter before Kavanaugh was named. She’s already submitted to a lie detector test, and she’s asking the FBI to do the investigation. That, to me, is credible. Those are the hallmarks of truth. And then you have all this other information that’s been divulged by Mark Judge about his heavy drinking, about the books, about what Judge Kavanaugh wrote in his own yearbook.”

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  1. Gillibrand is a sell out. We all know this. Anyone with a brain knows this. By insisting on an FBI investigation would mean Kavanaugh and no other nominee would serve on the US Supreme Court while Trump is in office. The Dems want to stack the court and this is their way of doing it. If an FBI investigation were begun today it would mean no vote on Kavanaugh would take place until after the mid-term elections. And since the Dems appear to be set to win back the House they will vote Kavanaugh down, regardless of the outcome of an investigation.

    1. The up coming midterm elections are being used by the Democrats to stir up hate, it is the only thing they have to run on for the elections. Even if they do win a majority in the Senate, they will not be seated until late January, that leaves four months to seat the Judge. I do not think that they will gain control of the Senate or the House for that matter, this latest charade has backfired on them and the entire nation sees them as idiots. They claim that he will kill Roe V Wade and abortion so called rights. If that is true then even they believe that Roe V Wade, even though accepted as settled law, does not stand up to Constitutional scrutiny, the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Life, even for the unborn child kicking around in a uterus.


  3. Hey Kirsten, I have a bridge I would like sell you? I also have a one acre plot in Atlantis for sale, great location. The FBI does background investigations, so far they have done six on the Judge. When one was done on me for a clearance the investigators asked about childhood friends and interviewed them as well. This entire mess is a pack of lies foisted upon the Judge for politics. I pray that when it comes to voting time, remember that the Democrats did this and vote for anyone except the Democrat, they are all liars and despicable life forms devoid of ANY moral fiber.

    1. She is a hypocrite she thanked Bill Clinton so much for sharing stage with her then once elected she bad mouthed him how can anyone say the judge should go first when the burden of proof is on the professor these moronic dems believe guilty until proven innocent

        1. Yeah, but you would lose this time! Considering 99.9% of all NRA members are RED. That’s a million man/woman Army. Think you got a chance? Plus throw in 85% of the Military and 85% of law enforcement. Yeah, you might last 3-4 days running and hiding…lol

    2. So that means the GOP is horse shit and thief’s wanting to control my life and my beliefs. That is ok. Another Nixon repeat.

  4. She’s ? A Democrat what more is to be said. 90% of the Democrats vote the party line right or wrong, makes no difference to them. They lost their integrity years ago. Their whole agenda is geared to completely destroy any obstacle in their way to maintaining power. I use the? After she’s, because no one knows anymore what people identify as, particularly Democrats ! It really amazes me how thorough the Democratic Party has such total control of its members., They vote blindly because that’s what they’ve been trained to do .

    1. Rats are the GOP and blaming everybody else for there stupidly. Mitch McConnel can not even figure out when he needs to go to the bathroom. .

  5. Could Sillybrand be any dumber, her husband is probably glad he got killed so he could be rid of her. What a douche bag libturd.

  6. strange, kavanaugh only molested democrat women ? and a democrat woman is going to believe the accusers they do not want to lose their power… this is all political to keep the democrats in power.. the world is laughing at those silly revengeful democrats and l can not blame thim.. they did the same with stormi daniels and that was all lies from the democrats also…and why is avenatti the lawyer involved in both daniels and fords lies… what does he plan to gain out of all of this.. Or did they all get a nice piece of money already added to their accounts.. ?????

  7. You believe them because it fits the liberal demoncrat narrative. Anything offered by President Donald Trump must be opposed in any way possible. Including made up stories, character assassination or even mob rule. You left wingers get more pathetic by the hour.

  8. Of course she believes, which is normal for a left liberal democrat. Besides she has blood on here hands, because she is one that allows the FDA to be Controlled by the Pharmaceuticals. I hear nothing when the FDA for payola from the Pharmaceuticals approves high profit drugs that kill and cure nothing at over 100,000 citizens each year. To make the point here is a quote from on of their own: “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” Herbert Ley, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner. Please note the word Politicians who get paid from the poisoning and murder of thousands each year just so the Profit is made to grease palms. I ask just where is their right to be holy than thou??? So, Just how much payola is greasing Gillibrand’s Palm??? One more thing. Have you read the labels on the processed foods and understood the poisons allowed by the FDA to make more profits to grease people likes Gillibrand’s Palms??? But, then again if one likes AZODICARBONAMIDE which is outlawed in most countries a poison chemical. This is only one of many added allowed poisons that make you and yours sick in mind and body. But, who cares? So, to one and all eat your daily poison laden foods, down your poison high priced drugs and support those that hate their country and have blood on their hands. Robert Morrow 90 years old, Retired Veteran, Teacher, world traveler and take no prescribed poison drugs.

  9. Of course! Democrats have sold their souls to Satan by way of Socialist Marxism. Any way they can put a damning blow to God and country as to slay our Constitutional Republic they will! This wench has no redeeming values and no scruples about itself, and thus is no different!

  10. This wench senator believes these 2 other wenches with no credible evidence, sure sounds like a true Socialist/communist/Marxist/progressive demoncrat talking! Why is this person and many like her in DC representing patriot Americans? We are in the last stages of a flush(as in toilet) as far as our Congress is concerned! If people fall for their ugliness and elect any of these demoncrats or worse yet any new ones we all are in deep sh*t! Those war drums I hear seem to be getting closer and closer!

  11. No evidence. No witnesses. No corroboration: the corroboration the dimwit Gillibrand mentions are people the lying “victims” (who have been coached by the vicious character assassin Democrats) told decades after the “fact.” Let’s give her another lie-detector test (besides, lie detector tests are in admissible in court because of their unreliability) using an independent test administrator.

  12. Seeing that the Bible tells us that liars do not inherit the Kingdom of God, is Ms. Gillibrand fearful for her mortal soul?

  13. I Proudly Stand With Brett!
    Ms. Gillibrand has already convicted Judge Kavanaugh, without Proof of any sort! A Senator, who believes that a Person Accused is a Person Guilty, Gillibrand has no right to be in DC, representing a Country, where our Justice System states a Person is Innocent until Proven Guilty.
    I thought Gillibrand’s stunt with the So-Called “Mattress Girl” was low-class, but she has hit bottom with this Assumption.

  14. These lefties are so shameful. Republicans had better put on your big people pants and step up and do the right thing or you will never be able to make another justice of anything. No body of any character will take the position and put themselves through this sham. STEP UP TO THE PLATE OR YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE

  15. It really doesn’t matter that you have your head in the sand Gilbrand—You listened to the testamonies of Kavanaugh and Ford and you came to a conclusion that Ford was telling the truth even though all evidence shows that she is very unstable and the fact is that you believe her because she is a woman and because she is a democrat who has gone against the Trump administration. This incident supposedly happened 36 years ago, there was no crime, only an accusation recently stated that at an unknown place and time and named witness’s say it never happened. Assume that if it did, it was not a big enough issue for Ford to report it to the police, and if such event had happened and was reported it would have been a misdemeanor for assult as she was not raped. Now 36 years after the aledged incident, Ford who has a medical record of being very unstable, wants to charge Kavanaugh with assault. Anyone who really has a brain, loves this country, and loves justice should see through what is going on here. Kavanaugh, has been through FBI screening several times, has a clean record, has women who know him well saying he is a very honorable man, and even has people dating back to his HS and college years rate him highly. This should never have been allowed on the Senate hearing since there was never a charge made and this was a mere he-say-she say accusation from 36 years ago with no evidence or proof, no crime, and more than likely a fabricated story of what Ford wishes would have happened. So over dramatized and only a very deranged individual would react this way. Then comes more uncredable stories that if they were true, would be reason to investigate but not after 36 years with no charges or mention until now. You need to try and look at reality and quit letting the democratic party rule your decisions.

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