Trump Highlights Everything Wrong With The Democrats

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  1. Ross L Poling says:

    His insults to people, he feels he is God, He feels better than everybody, He hates people that disagree with him by calling them low life’s, has a mental illness and the list goes. How can we trust ant human with all the negatives things he is or says.

    1. Displayguy says:

      Wrong on all counts – and I am a liberal so I don’t have to give any facts to back up my feelings.

      1. Knowledge Transfer says:

        Feeeeeeeeeelings ARE not based on facts. If some feel like a monkeys, such feeeeeelings can never make them monkeys.

        1. Displayguy says:


    2. GetReal4U2 says:

      kind of like folks who can’t accept that hildabeast lost I guess…

      here’s something else to cry about…

      TRUMP 2020!

    3. T2000q says:

      Ross L Poling, the only hate I see here is you spewing venom from broken teeth. And one more thing. Before trying to insult your President, learn proper English. One more thing: look in a mirror and tell us YOU love people who disagree with you. Seriously – your words back into your ears.

  2. GomeznSA says:

    Those things mentioned by DJT are a fairly good start on what is wrong with the democRATs but it is by no means ‘everything that is wrong’ with them. Perhaps their party platform is a more inclusive listing of their wrong headedness.

  3. stick says:

    This Was From Ex. VP JOE BIDEN….The FBI cannot reach a conclusion nor would they be able to determine if Hillary was guilty or not. “And the last thing I will point out, the next person who refers to a FBI report as being worth anything, obviously doesn’t understand anything. FBI explicitly does not, in this or any other case reach a conclusion, period, period. So, Judge, there is no reason why you should know this. The reason why we cannot rely on the FBI report, you would not like it if we did because it is inconclusive. They say he said, she said, and they said, period.” So was Comey in ERROR of his conclusion of Hillary’s not guilty of wrong doing because she didn’t show any intent with her private email server in her home instead of in the secretary of state’s office???? So if Biden is correct in his summation of the FBI then why wasn’t this brought before the Senate hearing of Comey in the Hillary email case????

  4. stick says:

    You know there are real dolts that refuse to recognize the TRUTH no matter how much evidence there is to collaborate and substantiate the reality of the TRUTH. All because their beliefs would be shattered into nothingness, so they would rather not see the falsehood and accept it, but instead keep hold of the lie as the unrelenting truth. They then refuse to refute the lie by placing the blame for their distrust of the real truth onto someone whom is truthful and decent such as a conservative that supports Trump and his party. Ya know “stick and stones may break my bones”, but the name calling just proves the ignorance and stupidity of those who can’t face reality of the TRUTH.

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