Hillary Goes After Kavanaugh

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  1. Al says:

    Why do some people have to keep putting a mike in front of her?

    1. tomsfordcars says:

      Al, you are correct. I must admit I responded to her bull shit and am not going to after today. I find it hard to believe that someone can be as stupid to outwardly make the remarks she makes. Could you imagine if that horrible hitlery got elected? America would be destroyed. After she filled her pockets with our money she would give whatever is left over, if any, to all the welfare recipients and illegals.
      Also, there wouldn’t be a woman in or near D.C. that could consider themselves with that p.o.s. slick willy on the loose!

      1. Al says:

        U R right friend…

  2. ADBDAB says:


    1. Mike_E_V says:

      And…go to Diane F’s retirement home with her.

    2. madmemere says:

      With any luck, one of those big trees will fall – – – –

  3. commonsenseperson says:

    Home girl needs another hit of adrenochrome.

  4. GetReal4U2 says:

    hildabeast supports drunks who can’t even stay awake on the supreme court…

    que the utter…liberal cry…

    TRUMP 2020!

    1. Karaine says:

      If he lives that long.. his health isn’t so well. If he’s smart, he’ll step down at the end of his term so he can do so with his dignity intact.

  5. Medic RN says:

    Hillary? Can you hear her voice echo off those concrete walls? Geeez….STRZOK/FBI destroyed her lap tops???

  6. Garl Boyd Latham says:

    Every time I see Clinton, I’m thankful once again that I voted for Donald Trump – and that she’s NOT the President of these United States!

    1. Karaine says:

      Hillary isn’t great, but you’re honestly glad *Trump* got in?!
      I wish Hillary C wouldn’t have run because someone better would’ve got in and Trump wouldn’t have.

      1. Kbuzz says:


        1. Karaine says:

          Oh, I didn’t have someone in particular in mind. But I knew there were many other possibilities.

  7. Santiago Tello says:

    Lousy rat! She thinks she is still relevant. No one cares Hillary! Go home! Uh, call first tho, Bill may be in the middle of something…wink wink!

    1. Estell Newton says:

      She’ll just join him.

    2. Karaine says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. She’s ( Hillary) not my favorite either but why do you all buy in to the hype and lies of far right extremists?

      As for her and Bill Clinton, what do we care what they do?

      President Trump openly cheated and talked about “grabbing pussy” publicly.. so they’re all much of a muchness.

      1. Kbuzz says:

        Why should you care what Trump said and talked about. You made it clear that you had no problem with Bill and Hill.
        As for buying into the hype of the far right – what about the far left.
        Trump is advancing the economy, or do you believe this was Obamas doing. Russian collusion – nothing on Trump.
        Why should you care what Trump does in his own privacy?

        1. Karaine says:

          I don’t care very much what he does in private. It really is his business.

          My stomach knotted up and other times, , my throat tightened when I heard his tone and words-what to me was braggadocio and vulgar aggression.

          But I *wasn’t* interested in discussing that, really. It’s not something of the utmost importance!

          Please try to understand when I say this again- I was asking why you cared what one president did when *others* have done the same or similar stuff.

          Do you get what I mean now?

          1. Karaine says:

            Kbuzz, I honestly don’t really want to argue and I definitely am nit looking to throw mud.

            But I don’t think the economy is so very much better. It’s somewhat better yes, but not anything wonderful.

            And I’m sorry but I thought it was *clear* there was Russian collusion!

            I’m not one who thinks it’s some “treasonous” activity on Pres. Trump’s part. But what I do think is that he is furthering and insuring his business and financial interests.

          2. Kbuzz says:

            I like your style. Don’t necessarily agree with it, but that’s not a problem.
            Russian collusion yes, and Chinese, and others, as well, they all mess with our politics and we do the same. Was Trump involved, well they haven’t found anything yet and you know that if they did it would be all over the news. But Obama and HRC were involved and yet they (MSM) act as if it was nothing.

          3. Karaine says:

            It *is* all over the news- but it can’t be fully proven yet. I hate to tell you yhis, but I don’t know what MSM is.

            OK HRC and Obama were involved with Russian collusion?
            Is that what you’re saying? I’m listening, not arguing.

            I just don’t know why that would be, or if Obama and HC have any real connection.

          4. Kbuzz says:

            MSM stands for Main Stream Media – mass news media that influence a large number of people, and both reflect and shape prevailing currents of thought.
            The MSM publishes 95%-97% of negative material about Trump and has a tendency to intentionally miss-represent the facts according to Conservative news watchers – and the facts have shown this to be fairly accurate that the MSM is very Biased against T.

            I would give you links but apparently disqus wont let me. Look up – obama administration russian collusion – as a start, you will also find info on HRC collusion.
            This is all confirmed information and yet nobody is held accountable. Meanwhile, still nothing on T, and proof that the FISA warrants were generated with falsified information. It has been confirmed that the FISA warrants should have never been issued, and yet the investigation continues. This is what has infuriated the Conservative Base, that and the fact that the GOP has done nothing to investigate HRC or O despite overwhelming evidence against them.
            BTW the MSM fails to follow up on this and continues to attack anything T oriented – with a vengeance.

          5. Kbuzz says:

            Karaine, This is true…”I do think is that he is furthering and insuring his business and financial interests”. But I don’t think it is a fair statement.
            As a billionaire there is absolutely no doubt he has worldwide business investments. And with the simple act of being President, by name association alone (President of the USA), I would bet his worldwide business will double in his 4 year term.
            But there is a bigger picture. Even the wealthiest know that material wealth can vanish overnight due to Governing bodies – why else would you buy a politicians influence. And finally, you need a place to live in security. The exodus of Ultra-Rich from France is well documented, and we all know what communist countries do to the rich…but not to the ones in power (its a lesson that snowflakes apparently do not comprehend). On a smaller scale, businesses as well as upper middle class are leaving California – government encroachment on freedom via taxes.

  8. Bob Macfarlane says:

    Your husband’s penis in a interns mouth was not out of bounds ??

    1. Estell Newton says:

      Was she standing or sitting?

    2. Karaine says:

      As opposed to *all* of our other presidents?
      Bill Clinton just got caught!

      1. Bob Macfarlane says:

        I suspect you are ignorant enough to believe that…

        1. Karaine says:

          Why must you call me ignorant? IYou know nothing about me,yet the first thing you say is insulting. And I haven’t bothered you at all!
          But *what* is so “ignorant” in your important opinion?

  9. Philomena says:

    Every woman must be believed unless:

    She is RAPED by Bill Clinton
    BEATEN and cursed at by Keith Ellison
    GROPED and defiled by Cory Booker
    Drowned by Ted Kennedy
    or threatened by Hillary Clinton and called a deplorable.

    1. Bob Macfarlane says:

      Cute but you would have failed in my college classroom. I insisted on no plagiarism. Everyone has now seen that a dozen or more times.

      1. Philomena says:

        The people who watch CNN or MSNBC may not know. Now that you know you may not need to read it again.

        1. Bob Macfarlane says:

          Don’t watch either but have no respect for people that cannot come up with an original comment and must copy and paste.

          I was a conservative before you understood what the word meant.

      2. Quixtop says:

        You never heard of forwarding or people wanting their message spread? I for one have seen it for the very first time. Philomena never said she wrote it. She’d be plagiarizing only if she claimed it. You and your classroom with the “college” modifier however is quite evident of a “know it all” judgmental personality. I don’t believe you’re a conservative. We don’t prejudge, only Dim-wits do as it is very apparent in the Kavenaugh hearing.

        1. Bob Macfarlane says:

          Aren’t you just so special. Philomena never said she wrote it nor did she attribute it to anyone else.

          Look me up asshole — Broward College. Haven’t taught in awhile thanks to Agent Orange but taught for 40+ years.

          1. Quixtop says:

            Now I really know you are a progressive liberal democrat. You may think you’re conservative but in your heart you’re not. Not when you bring up “Agent Orange” for your foibles.

          2. Karaine says:

            Quix- “progressive”
            “democrat” are three separate things!

          3. Karaine says:

            He said he hasn’t taught in a while due to Agent Orange. What the heck is “liberal” about that?

            It also means he served his country and got sick for his trouble!

        2. Karaine says:

          That’s an untruth in itself! You never pre-judge?! Yes you did. You assumed that Kavanaugh was innocent. You didn’t know and still don’t, really.

          You hear and see lots of things you don’t understand- which is only human- but too many of you people here judge and criticize before trying to understand!

          Ever hear “judge not lest ye be judged?”

          1. Garl Boyd Latham says:

            Yes, Karaine, most of us are familiar with Matthew 7:1-2. It comes up upon occasion – with the passage often taken out of context. [Compare John 7:24, “Judge righteous judgement.”]

            Still, as long as you’re content to quote God’s word, we should try another Biblical truth on for size: “At the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established” (Deuteronomy 19:15; II Corinthians 13:1).

            The lack of corroborating testimony combined with the presumption of innocence brought us to the point where we might safely presume that “Kavanaugh [is] innocent.”

          2. Karaine says:

            Why are you being flippant and sarcastic?

            No, we can presume there wasn’t enough evidence to prove him guilty.
            OJ Simpson was declared not guilty too, by the way.

            And I don’t claim I *know* Kavanaugh did or didn’t do anything.
            But neither do you.

          3. Garl Boyd Latham says:

            I am not being “flippant” or “sarcastic.” I’m being very serious.


          4. Karaine says:

            Then, you’re sarcastic mean and hateful.

    2. Estell Newton says:

      Or backed by Frankenstein.

    3. madmemere says:

      Or referred to as a member of the “bimbo eruption”!! As “sillybitch” claimed, back then, it was a “VAST right-wing conspiracy”! The woman is beyond “evil”and “slick willy” is even worse.

    4. tomsfordcars says:

      It’s hard to believe the audacity of that horrible woman to even speak about Judge Kavanaugh after the disgusting, PROVEN actions of that p.o.s she is married to and her own bag of tricks she has been getting away with for years. If anybody should be put thru the wringer like what has been to Brett Kavanaugh, those crooked Clintons deserve 1st. place in line!

      1. Karaine says:

        Go ahead. Have her investigated. What’s right is right and when someone is wrong, they’re wrong.

        But already at least certain allegations against her have been proven *false* – and what do I hear when I point that out?
        “Fake news!”
        “Leftist website!”

        1. Kbuzz says:

          No, what you hear is accusations against the Clintons with nothing clearly substantiated (proven). Are these accusations false – don’t know. The only thing for certain that is known is that a lot of Clinton associates seem to die…by suicide…quite a lot of them.

          1. Karaine says:

            Alright, then, tell me more about that.

          2. Kbuzz says:

            That’s an easy google

    5. Karaine says:

      Who was raped by Bill Clinton?
      Who was groped and defiled by Cory Booker?( who by the way didn’t do as well in the polls as expected).

      I do think Ted Kennedy probably drove away hoping no one would know he’d been with that young woman. I didn’t think he drowned her, but that he split and didn’t try to help her showed his character, his true colors. And he was never nominated for President, was he?

      1. Philomena says:

        Senators Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer ignored Juanita Brodderick when she told them she was raped by Bill Clinton and now they pretend they care about Dr. Christine Ford.

        1. Karaine says:

          I don’t think they care about her either.

      2. Philomena says:

        Surely you don’t live under a left wing rock. Branch out from the MSM, CNN & MSNBC and get informed.
        Democrat Cory Booker Forgets He Admitted To Groping A ……
        In 1992, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) admitted in his college newspaper that he groped an unwilling drunk girl when he was a teenager. Booker, has made more than his share …

        U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) Admits He Sexually …
        U.S. Senator Cory Booker … (D-NJ) Admits He Sexually Assaulted a Woman (REPORT) News Commentary … how idiotic does Cory think we are….he groped a woman in …

  10. Mike Urso says:

    She is such a wh0re. Anything for power. Maybe she should castrate Bill, he is a much worse offender.

  11. Estell Newton says:

    Who cares what she thinks? She needs to keep her ugly face out of the public eye. She wasn’t perfect while in the White House. Kavanaugh will make a great Supreme Justice.

    1. Karaine says:

      I don’t think he will make a great Supreme Court justice. I don’t know why you do either.
      But he’s in. Nothing to be done now.

  12. rfrichey says:

    You’ve got to be kidding, a reprobate like scummy hillary should be hiding out in the woods so as to not remind people how much of a lowlife scumbag the man she defends is. Talking about calling the kettle black.

    1. Karaine says:

      One is a bully( Kavanaugh)
      One got oral sex from a willing young woman. ( Bill Clinton)

      1. rfrichey says:

        I’m sure my wife, family and friends had rather I be a bully than getting oral sex from a young willing female. If I did participate in the oral sex thing I would have better sense than to lie to the FBI about it. The male has got to be willing also, and someone who is in the most powerful position in the world should have more common sense.

        1. Karaine says:

          Oh like every other President we have had?
          They weren’t asked and expected to answer!

          No man should “kiss” and tell!
          I was disappointed in him for being a twit.
          But he did what every President did- yes, every one- they just didn’t get caught out there.
          It was, honestly, none of our business.

          I don’t like that our Presidents have had affairs.. no!

          But at least in Europe they know how to deal with it!

          Here no one knows if it’s something important or something that was *his* problem.Or a newstory. Or an impeachment issue.

          And infidelity- that was between he and his wife( whichever “He” we decide to discuss!)

          I’m not so sure I’d prefer the bully to the one who got a bj from an intern.
          Both are unacceptable for my husband in my opinion.

          1. rfrichey says:

            I’ve been married for what will be 53 years next month and have never strayed and am to old to now. People lie or they get things mixwd up. I had an employee of mine to come in one day and say that she had ran into a guy I knew as a teen and young adult and he told her I use to drink and get drunk all the time. I’ve never drank in my life. Not every man has weak self control and not every man has something mentally wrong with him to where he thinks every female wants him.

          2. Karaine says:

            Well you’re absolutely right. I happen to have a good husband too. Liike yourself, I know he’s trustworthy.

            But sadly many men aren’t so.
            And as far ad the men in the oval office, most of them if not all, had misstresses and girlfriends. Even Nixon.

          3. rfrichey says:

            I know many men aren’t but 90% of people I’ve been around I would say have been faithful. I’ve got or have had tons of cousins and uncles who I would swear by as I would most of my friends over my lifetime. There have been a very few of my friends that I would say may have strayed but by and large the people I’ve surrounded myself with are mostly of high Southern morals.

      2. rfrichey says:

        So you think maybe Monica walked into the Oval Office one day and out of the clear blue said, hey Mr. President how would you like a blow job? A man in that position should have had better self control, but he has a track record of being a sexual predator.

        1. Karaine says:

          I didn’t and don’t think if him as being a predator but you may be quite right.
          No of course I don’t think she suddenly approached him out of the blue!
          I assume they both flirted and approached each other!
          Yes Clinton should have had better self control- absolutely.
          But it seems many men, (most of them really) in his position have had affairs or misstresses.

          1. rfrichey says:

            FDR even in his condition did as did Ellinor with a woman. I seriously doubt Truman did and Ike’s affair with his Jeep driver started overseas during the war. Of course, JFK’s wanderings were legendary as was LBJ’s. This brings us to Nixon and I’m unsure about him but I don’t think he strayed on Pat nor do I think Ford did. I would bet Carter was true to Rosalynn. Bush senior, I’m undecided about and maybe he did in his much younger days. We don’t even have to discuss the king of dalliance’s although I’m not sure he beat out JFK by much, but I would have to say JFK’s ladies were of higher quality then Willy’s. The younger Bush probably did but I think the woman would have to had taken the lead. The big O, who knows what the deal is there? This brings us to The Donald, I mean the mans been married three times!

  13. disqus_62uNYdi7Wj says:

    Hey Hillary, what you were watching was a man who cares for his family. We know you won’t understand because all you have ever cared about is money and power and you are always willing to lie, cheat, steal and murder to achieve it. Please keep making stupid speeches cause you are sure firing up us deplorables. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if a hundred million of us show up at the polls this time and we’ll make sure you get the credit for it.

    1. Karaine says:

      You won’t be the only ones at the polls, though.
      I don’t want Hillary- no.
      But many a typical right-wing voter is now disgusted with old Trump.

      1. Kbuzz says:

        There is a conundrum though. Apparently a lot of Democrats, from far left to center, are disgusted with a side of the Democrat Party that has never been seen. And a lot of sleepy Republicans, whom are notorious for not voting…are sitting up. A very very bad precedence was established by Feinstein…one in which even Ginsburg was appalled with, and the repercussions apparently outweigh the negative that is seen in Trump.

  14. Quixtop says:

    Did I just hear her say, “I don’t ever remember anything like that.” What about her husband Billy-Jo’s cigar humidor and Juanita Broaddrick? Did I see her believe those women? Was she open to evidence then? She used to practice law in different kinds of courts and it was unusual what she saw the other day? Don’t they keep harping on this NOT being a court but a hearing?
    I’m so disgusted with these Dims I don’t know how I ever voted for them. Reagan changed my mind and I’m forever thankful for opening my eyes.

    1. Tony says:

      No, not a court hearing, according to democrats. Just a job interview. Talk about wild imaginations.

    2. Karaine says:

      Reagan who made it so difficult for my brother-in-law who had a terminal disease – but couldn’t get Social Security til a few months before he died! *Everyone* gets turned down for disability insurance in the beginning!

      Yes, Reagan did that! Look it up!

      Reagan who nixed every job training program going!

      And Trump makes Reagan look like a saint!

      1. tomsfordcars says:

        Ronald Reagan was a great President and so is President Trump. All Obama did was support giveaway programs, cause worse race relations and was 1 of the Worse Presidents in history!

        1. Karaine says:

          In *your* opinion.
          I don’t think Obama was one of the greatest by far- but not for any of the reasons you’re giving.
          And no Reagan was uneasily watched the night before his election and many doctors, social workers, teachers and therapists were extremely disappointed that Reagan got in- and while he was charming/ he ruined life for many of us.

          Trump is an outrage/ and no, he’s not in your corner or mine.
          He’s doing what works for him and him alone.

          1. Kbuzz says:

            Based on how one assess greatness – Obama was perhaps one of the Greatest. He ran on hope and change and did exactly that. He successfully divided this country politically, religiously, economically, racially, crippled the military, and did it in 8 years, though I would argue that he did it in 4. He accomplished what I would have not thought possible.
            As President, Trump will profit mightily from this – what politician doesn’t profit. But in his profit, the country seems to be recovering also, and this is a good thing.
            He is no conservative, but no liberal, most assuredly he is in it for the money – he thinks like a businessman, does not speak with forked tongue (like a lawyer), and We know where he stands on most subjects, whereas most politicians use lawyer speak.

  15. First you have Bob Mendez who soon might be in jail and now Hillary a known criminal for sending top secret information over a non secured site which is a criminal act. Out there saying more lies, a money whore and how much better can this get for the Republicans, oh Obama out there is also a good for the Republicans. Remember it will come out that Obama is the one that criminalized the DOJ, IRS and FBI!

    1. Karaine says:

      How exactly did he criminalize the DOJ, IRS and FBI?!

    2. Karaine says:

      It wasn’t top secret information and sending the info over her personal server wasn’t clever.. yet it wasn’t illegal.

  16. Shannon Bruno says:

    Yes but does she also want an investigation into Juanita Broaddrick, who has never once wavered in her story that Bill Clinton raped her? Does she feel the same way about the FBI conducting an investigation into that assault? She just needs to STFU her hypocrisy is really showing this time

    1. Karaine says:

      OK do that investigation! Why not. Let’s have it all come out in the wash!

  17. nonleftist says:

    Hillary knows her freedom is slip sliding away the closer Kavanaugh gets to being confirmed. All the money she’s stolen under false pretenses won’t help her at the Military Tribunals.
    WWG1WGA! Vote for Moral beliefs, something the Democratic party has sadly abandoned decades ago.

  18. stick says:

    Deport both Whinny Chuckie and the worthless old nether lips. It doesn’t make a difference what the FBI or any one does, as they won’t be satisfied with the findings. Nothing but backstabbing commie aholes, cuz they can’t get their way, because of Clinton’s loss. BOO HOO, suck it up cry babies. I will stand in your way…. I am tired of your Fking BS. I wish to live the rest of my life, as I have the last 70+ years without having to worry about your socialistic ideals disturbing me by threatening my freedom to speak, think or do as I please . You keep up your sh!t and something is going to happen that will bring down all of you immoral demon-RATS (Satan’s Disciples). You are all going to HELL it is written. Those whom choose (savor)
    piggishness, greed, insatiable self-importance, will be denied entrance to ever lasting life, so beware – evil imps it’s your pathway to Hell, you have decided for yourselves, with your actions.

  19. John says:

    Just who asked you for an opinion? Go talk to your husband about his sexual dalliances.

    1. Karaine says:

      Why? He wasn’t faithful( maybe she didn’t care)
      But he didn’t force anyone.

      1. Garl Boyd Latham says:

        Clinton “didn’t force anyone”? Throughout these comments, several other people have offered evidence to the contrary!

        1. Karaine says:

          And what do *you* know – are they lying? Are they telling the truth?

  20. F-ing old sow keeps trying to find someone to blame for all her BS

  21. Joe Gajewski says:

    How about they investigate your husband Bill? Numerous accusations made against him, from sexual impropriety to rape. How about lying to the American people ” I NEVER HAD SEX WITH THAT WOMAN-MISS LEWINSKI”. Maybe you should be careful what you wish for. What’s fair for the goose…etc.

  22. Mike_E_V says:

    I distinctly remember Hillary’s demeaner during the years her husband was under scrutiny. She has NO room to talk about anyone especially Judge Kavanaugh.

    1. Karaine says:

      Her husband was guilty of adultery. Shame on him.
      But he *didn’t* try to force anybody.

      1. Garl Boyd Latham says:

        As long as you’re asking “why,” you may want to take a long look in the mirror and ask why you’re attempting to justify the Clintons’ behaviour!

        1. Karaine says:

          Why should I have to justify anything? I asked.

          Your outlook seems strange to me.. in other words you assume you know the truth.
          Therefore anything different is questionable or like with me”attempting to justify”.

          How about you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you assume you’re right?

          1. Garl Boyd Latham says:

            Let’s just say that I believe Broaddrick, Willey, Millwee and Jones.

            By continuing to affirm that Bill Clinton “didn’t try to force anybody,” you’re effectively calling four different women liars. Or, to put it another way: “you assume you know the truth.”

            When I call your hand on it, you become defensive.


  23. jsccats says:

    Apparently the same doesn’t apply for “presidential temperament” nor should the women accusing her hubby, Billy-Boob, be believed according to the Shrill One. Remember Bubba coming on TV angerly waving his finger at us before the blue dress came out. Remember too all his cabinet coming out like alleged feminist Reno/Halfbright/Shillelagh vouching for him? That was a “right wing conspiracy” but this isn’t a Dem/media/”progressive” plot of course!

    1. Karaine says:

      Obviously neither one is a conspiracy.

  24. Michael Modjeski says:

    Hillbillary needs to shut the hell up!

  25. WrenchMan2.0 says:

    How dare her or anyone else judge a mans reaction to be accused of these crimes without a shred of evidence!
    This filthy lair should retreat to the forest and shut the hole in her face!

    1. Karaine says:

      No one said they know he’s guilty They talk about how he looks and acts.

      Look at all these comments, even yours, saying she’s a filthy liar.

      Another person says Hillary Clinton is a sociopath.
      Yet that’s alright?

  26. WrenchMan2.0 says:

    Her deameanor during the Benghazi hearings I recall were “Quite out of bounds”

  27. metheoldsarge says:

    Hey Hillary. What difference does it make?

  28. diana says:

    Hilary is a Machiavellian sociopath who has no feelings. She just wants power. Same with Feinstein. Kavanaugh was right on in his testimony.

    1. Karaine says:

      Oh and *Kavanaugh* is *not* a power and control freak?

      Why do you say H. Clinton is a Machiavellian sociopath? That sounds like something you heard or read somewhere- which is fine but you need to give credit to whomever it is.
      I personally want to know why you think that way,* however* you came by your opinion.

  29. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

    Hillary this has absolutely NOTHING to do with his judicial temperament.
    It has to do with Judge Kavanaugh’s temperament as a tormented man.
    It has to do with his temperament as a man, a husband, and a father whose family
    has received death threats. It is a terrible thing when protesters and thugs are paid
    by George Soros to interfere with a confirmation hearing. People acted like fools,
    screaming, wailing, and disrupting the process. Then a vicious smear campaign
    consisting of ridiculous accusations of 36 years ago. Nothing like this should ever
    be allowed to happen in a civilized society. I am ashamed of anyone in the Demonrat
    party. Who would ever vote for these ruthless, mean-spirited, and violent ones?

    1. Tony says:

      What we get for putting up with too many go along to get along RINO republicans for so long.

      1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

        Yes, Rinos have NO business siding with the “torch carriers”; so ready to
        burn Kavanaugh at the stake. There is NOT one who is without sin among
        them. Booker, Ellison, and the like are the ones screaming the loudest.
        Flake, Murkowski,Collins are right there condemning Kavanaugh. They are
        all behaving in a ridiculous manner. I’d say that the Judge handled himself
        with a lot of restraint. He has done admirably, so CONFIRM HIM!!! This has
        been the worst confirmation process in history! Demonrats aren’t going to
        behave any differently, no matter who the president picks.

    2. tomsfordcars says:

      Hi Susan, It’s always great to read your comments as they are always right on track.
      What is it going to take to get all the left wing, liberal, Trump hating, Police hating, lying, crooked Constitution hating Clintons, Soros, Schumer, Warren, Pelosi etc. to S.T.F.U. I wish President Trump would follow thru with his promise to call a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton. That would make for great entertainment to watch that ugly, slob bi**h squirm like the worm she is.

      1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

        Thank you tomsfordcars, you are always right on too.
        Sessions needs to get out of the way. He vowed to recuse himself
        from ANY investigations into Hillary and her evil doings. So, as an
        added bonus that lets all of the major players in the Obammy administration
        off scot free as well. I believe that a military tribunal should try those you
        mentioned as their evil web is unraveling before us daily. Sessions is just
        as guilty. He needs to resign or be fired, as does Rosenstein.

        1. Karaine says:

          WHAT evil web?

          You people sound more and more like those who were pointing out ( supposed) Communists in the 1950s, and worse – pointing out who was a “with” in the late 1600s!

          I know you believe these things or you wouldn’t say them.
          Except, at least, please consider that it may be you ( or rather who you listen to) who is wrong.

    3. Karaine says:

      He’s tormented, yes. But he wasn’t wrapped real tight to begin with.

      1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

        He worked at some of the highest courts in the land for the past
        12 years with not a hint of scandal. Now, SUDDENLY, he is a career
        rapist? Sorry, not buying what the MSM is selling.

        1. Karaine says:

          I did NOT say he’s a career rapist. I said I bet he did what this Ford says. I don’t think he’s as clean as you assume. But no- see that’s where you’re wrong! Why on earth would I just want to berate or smear him?!

          See this kind of assumption is your issue- it says more about you than myself.

          And then you’re talking about unrelated issues and trying to lay garbage on *me*!Why on earth would you think I carw more for a cat than an unborn child? You’re wrong, but you’re talking crazy now, so forget it!
          Go on back to believing whatever you want.

          1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

            I never mentioned you, I mentioned the MSM and the liberal
            narrative. Nobody in DC is spotless. It is horrible to smear a man
            just because women want to murder the unborn. DISGUSTING!!. It seems you think people are crazy to disagree with you. That
            is some of the all-inclusive, tolerant views of the left? We will never
            agree, it would seem. This confirmation fight was due to a belief by
            the left that Kavanaugh could overturn Roe v Wade. He could not
            accomplish that on his own. It is a mistaken rumor that sparked this
            horrendous wildfire of untruth.

          2. Karaine says:

            Unsubscribe, please

          3. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

            Why don’t you?
            I can and will speak my mind anytime, anywhere until
            I am in the ground. I’m not there yet, so stuff it!!!

        2. Karaine says:

          *no* hinsts of scandal? Ha.

    4. Karaine says:

      George Soros has nothing to do with it.
      It was probably people paid by Republicans *if* the family received death threats.

      I don’t see what’s so admirable about how he behaved. First of all you’re assuming he’s innocent. Why?
      He’s not your father for heaven’s sake.

      He’s acceptable as a judge perhaps, but as a Supreme Court judge for life? No.

      If someone totured and killed your cat some 40 years ago as a teen with his drunk hoodlum friends, but *now* is a decent enough grown man with a nice family— maybe there’s no need to punish him *now*, right?
      But, should he be hired as Director of the ASPCA? Or be on the board of directors?

      I wouldn’t think so.

      1. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan says:

        And you know Soros is not involved how? Are you a relation to him?
        What are you a Russian troll? None of this fiction was uncovered
        even after 6 vettings? How do the liberals believe a story so full of holes?
        Why, because you want to smear an innocent man, for evil puposes.
        One day maybe you liberals will stop murdering the unborn, but that
        is doubtful. You are more concerned for a cat than an unborn child.
        That says a lot about your character, or lack thereof.

  30. Jim Baum says:

    Hey Hillary! What about your hubby Slick Willie, and his loose zipper? His transgressions number in the dozens. But you seem to have a very selective memory when it comes to him, and the women who have accused him of rape, and other sexual acts. What was that you called them? “Bimbo Eruptions”? and as for your practicing law back in Little Rock (at the Rose Law firm). Did you not get called out for bill padding? You know, charging clients for work that you did not actually do! And did you not also have to return those fees? Only to claim that it was just an over site on your part, and sloppy book keeping? Lady (and I use that term for you in the most liberal sense), People like you, who live in glass houses, should never be caught throwing stones! You are NOT a lawyer. You are a LIAR! of the highest order!

  31. dumbvet says:

    Everything this idiot says or does is out of bounds, remember Bengazi? Remember I know he ( Slick Willy) did not do anything ( Monica) but I forgive him? LMAO!

  32. dumbvet says:

    So everything Ford said in her little girl voice was totally exceptable? Really!!
    HiLIARry, get a life and stay out of ours!

    1. Karaine says:

      Did you mean to say accepable? Or exceptable?

  33. madmemere says:

    With all the vile, libelous, defamatory actions thrown at him, to say nothing about the threats against his family, IMO Judge Kavanaugh certainly was NOT “out of bounds”. in fact, he was relatively “restrained”!! Had I been in his shoes, my language would have been much stronger, bordering on (and including) profanity. As for the “murderingbitchofBenghazi” – -she doesn’t have a whole lot to say about being “out of bounds” after watching some of her temper tantrums, for the past twenty-five, or thirty years and reading SS reports of her profanity and “book throwing fits” the woman is “satanically possessed”! As for an FBI INVESTIGATION, we should now DEMAND ONE on “slick and sillybitch” herself!

    1. Karaine says:

      No no no
      He wasn’t just upset- he showed he was weak and unable to function.
      It’s written all over his face that he did those things he was accused of. Of course he’s upset. But not for the reason you think.
      The tears, though, were a sham.

      1. Garl Boyd Latham says:

        “It’s written all over [Kavanaugh’s] face that he did those things… [His] tears…were a sham.”

        Who’s judging now, Karaine?

      2. tomsfordcars says:

        You are so liberal, left wing it is pathetic. What disgusting things have any top level Republicans done to even compare to Clinton, the Kennedy’s, etc.

      3. madmemere says:

        Only in your damaged, twisted mind.

        1. Karaine says:

          I’m sorry you feel that way.

  34. William says:

    It just seems to get Better, with Hitlary! Well, Hitlary isn’t even wanted by the democrats. The democrats don’t care how she goes away, as long as she Goes-Away!

  35. Hillary has just proved what a hypocrite she really if. He was defending his life
    against a attack from the DNC and a paid assassin and everyone knows it. So his outbursts of tears and short displays of anger are, in my opinion, very acceptable and expected. If he would have just sat there “poker faced” she would have criticized that. Now, how many times have we seen Hillary burst out with “vicious” displays of anger? But, I guess that’s acceptable because
    she is a Democrat. On another note, if the FBI can investigate Judge Kanavaugh why can’t the FBI investigate Slick Willie? Why can’t the investigate the Clinton Foundation?

    1. Karaine says:

      What paid assassin?
      And the FBI should investigate the Clintons as well. Why not?

  36. George T Horvat says:

    Hmmmm, another dissertation from Pope Hillary Clinton about temperament and honesty? Really? The woman should go on a final comedy tour seeing as she’s finally found her true calling as a comedian.

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