Does The Supreme Court Have Legitimacy Issues?

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  1. bob says:

    Well Mr. Begala lets remind everyone the RULES of the game in Presidential elections.
    It take 270 electoral votes to win. This has been the rules of a hundred years or more, & stupid politicians & morons like yourself, who have been in political circles know this.

    I guess to A-holes like you, a team in the World Series would be declared the winner even if they lost 4 out of the 7 games, but had more HITS than the actual winners. Same holds true in championship games in basketball & hockey, it’s the BEST of 7, not who scores the most points or goals.
    As far as Kavanaugh being unhinged, let someone at a social party with say 50 people, look at your wife & announce loudly so all call hear, ” Hey I recognize your wife, she’s the one who fu*ked the football team when we were in college “. Let’s see how cool, calm & collected you’d be.

  2. Broos says:

    Why Let DEM frame these issues; $0 EWE Repeat them? FUCK DEM; Supreme Court is Constitutionally legitimate, PERI0D !

    1. Ginger Martinez says:

      It is constitutionally legitimate. It is the justices that are in question, not the court itself.

      1. GomeznSA says:

        That should probably be some of the justices – like the ones who have a blatant and obvious conflict of interest and still refuse to recuse themselves from hearing those cases.

        1. Rod says:

          Like the wicked witch who’s getting ready to retire.

  3. Ed Mattson says:

    Unfortunately Begala is about as dumb as a flat rock as are his compadres on the Left. This whole affair with Ford is totally trumped up (excuse the pun). The media NEVER REPORTED that Ford’s very weak allegations are that she couldn’t remember THE DATE, THE TIME OF THE PARTY, THE ADDRESS, HOW SHE GOT THERE, HOW SHE GOT HOME, and obviously everyone she claimed could collaborate her claim say it didn’t either didn’t happen or were simply not there . . . not enough evidence to get a grand jury to indict or a police department to investigate the incident. Even WITHOUT THE PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE, THE CLAIMS ARE SO WEAK THEY WOULDN’T HOLD WATER, except with the useful idiots on the Left. Tell me please, if you will, about the phony “lie detector test” Ford claims she had; a test which included only 2 question?. Absolutely irrelevant. To be even 1/3 the way reliable, a polygraph must establish a “base line” which generally takes dozens of questions, not just two. This whole Democrat Party needs a complete douche and run out of town – they are a complete embarrassment to the human race!

    1. CinciJim says:

      I read somewhere that Ford also coached her best friend on passing a lie detector test, when her friend was about to take the test for a job.

      As for this alleged party, I would also like to know how she got up the stairs to where the bedroom was and how she got into the bedroom. Was she dragged, carried, or did she go of her own free will? Strange, she can’t remember anything except she only had 1 beer, it was definitely Brett Kavanaugh, and laughter.

      She already established that she’s a liar by demanding a delay in her Senate hearing to travel from California because she has a fear of flying. But she was actually in Delaware when she made the request; and she had actually flown to Delaware from California. She has also flown to Hawaii and other vacation venues. And how did she get back to California after the hearing?

      To reinforce her credibility, she stated the reason she was in counseling in 2012, which is when she 1st mentioned the alleged attempted rape, was because she and her husband disagreed on installing a 2nd front door on their home. She needed the 2nd door because she suffered with claustrophobia, and her husband didn’t think it was necessary at all. City records show the 2nd door was installed in 2008. And it was actually an addition to their house. And the space has been used by her for counseling sessions. And the space has been rented out at different times.

      Being extremely generous with the benefit of doubt, maybe Ford was at a party when she was a teen, where she drank only 1 beer, and where some other teen copped a feel while lying on top of her, but nothing she offered can begin to convince me that the other teen was Justice Kavanaugh.

      Someone needs to watch closely the GoFundMe account set up for her legal expenses – even though her lawyers stated they took her case pro bono. The last I heard, it was over $700,000. It sure would be a convenient way to “launder” payment to her.

  4. Only the loser left thinks these things, thank Trump for these two justices it may save the republic.

  5. Gregory Stevens says:

    So, the justices nominated by an illegal alien from Kenya are somehow more legitimate?

  6. Ron Long says:

    In past rulings the SOTUS has stretched the meaning of the Constitution, sometimes even to the point of making up the law as they go along. The job of a Chief Justice is to apply the Constitution in each case, without prejudice or passion. It is a safe bet that a Constitutional Justice will follow the Constitution and not apply liberal ideology. It is not the job of the SOTUS to create law, that power lies with the Congress. Does the SOTUS have legitimacy issues, yes it does, it always has, now however, with a Constitutional Conservative majority it will be more inline with the supporting the Constitution and not wiping their feet on it.

  7. thomas robinson says:

    only in the eyes of the crybaby party(democrat party)

  8. Smackey says:

    The demoncrats need to just come right out and say it. “the Constitution of the United States of America is unconstitutional”. This is the basic belief of the pathetic liberal left, including the lamestream media.

  9. GomeznSA says:

    Hmm, sounds like begala is just echoing the statement by kagan. The court has had questionable legitimacy throughout its existence – the Dred Scott decision comes immediately to mind
    All of the whining from the left is just so much sour grapes since they were convinced that they would be able to get enough of a hold on the court to rubber stamp the judicial activism coming from lower courts ala the 9th circuit. They can’t get their ‘dreams’ (nightmares to many of us) instituted via the legislative process so control of the courts is their next avenue to do so.

  10. JayKay4 says:

    All Americans are able to recognize unfairness when they see it, but some prefer to ignore it. This is what happened to Kavenaugh at the hands of the Dems. No corroboration whatsoever of any of the accusations were provided, plus Blasey Ford was shown to be a liar. She lied when she said she had not coached anyone on how to beat a lie detector test. She lied about being too frightened of flying to be able to fly to Washington to testify, but then she ended up flying anyway. She lied about being phobic in confined spaces. She lied about the reason for her couples counseling being an issue about having a second front door put in, because of her trauma over her alleged sexual attack — the second door was added years before. So not only was there no corroborating evidence, there was evidence that she was a liar. Paul Begala is being delusional when he says Kavenaugh lied.

  11. Rod says:

    Waa waa waa, it’s all the dummycraps can do. They lost the election, the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, & wait & see-the mid-term elections. They act like spoiled children.

  12. madmemere says:

    Begala needs to go back to school and take both politics and Constitutional Law 101 over again – -if he doesn’t pass this time, MAKE HIM do it again, and again, and again, until he does!

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