Graham on Midterms: ‘Are You for Having Your Government Run By a Mob?’

As midterm elections near, Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t mincing words when it comes to his views on the Democrats recent tactics.

Graham has been a staunch defender of Justice Kavanaugh and fears that the same mob-like mentality he witnessed during the confirmation hearing will continue into elections.

“This election now is down to simple things. Are you for what they did to [Justice] Kavanaugh? Are you for having your government run by a mob or are you for a sort of rule of law person’s presumed innocent? What kind of country do you want and who do you want to run it? Do you want these people who spit on me and yell at me being in charge or do you want a more orderly process? Judge Kavanaugh represents the best in our legal community. He was treated like garbage, despicable, and I hope they pay a price” Graham said.

He continued, “Every nine people are pretty nice. The tenth one wants to pick a fight. I’ve never seen it like this. I did impeachment and I’ve never seen it like this. They’re going nuts on the other side. The only thing they have left is to yell at you and intimidate you. That’s what this election’s about. If you want people running the country who will give in to that, then vote Democrat.”

However it isn’t all bad, as Graham believes these under handed methods have spurred a greater turnout of Republican voters. November will show by just how much.

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