Nikki Haley Hasn’t Quit Defending the U.S.

Although Ambassador Nikki Haley has announced that she will be steeping down from the United Nations General Assembly, that doesn’t mean she has quit.

US and UK to Saudi Arabia and Others: End War in Yemen

Fighting for the same cause the United States and the United Kingdom called on Saudi Arabis as well as other participants to cease the civil war in Yemen before December.

New Trump Ad ‘Jobs Not Mobs’ Picks Apart Hillary Comments

President Trump’s latest “Jobs Not Mobs” ad takes Hillary and other Democrats to task on comments of civility.

Highschooler Beaten Over Confederate Flag Shirt

In one Baltimore high school a student was beaten by a group of peers for wearing a Confederate flag shirt.

Select EU Border Checkpoints to Employ AI “Lie Detectors”

A new automated “lie detector” run by artificial intelligence will is being set up at certain EU border control checkpoints.

Far Fewer Homeless Vets Due to Trump Administration

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson gave credit to the Trump administration for significant decrease in homeless rates among veterans.

CNN Stands Idly By as Don Lemon Attacks White Men as ‘Biggest Terror Threat’

CNN is doing nothing as anchor Don Lemon continues to stand by his previous remarks that white men are the “biggest terror threat” in the United States.