Hispanic Americans Show Increased Voting Interest, ‘Dónde Votar’ Search Spike

As of noon on Election Day, Google shows the days top search term as “dónde votar” (where to vote), signaling higher Hispanic turnout.

Daughter Invited to Church, Absolutely Loses It

30-year-old Ashley Shane Fuller made a phone call to police after “harassment” by parents. They asked her to church.

Reporter Bumbles, Says it Would “Suck” if GOP Candidate Elected

Michigan’s Huron Daily Tribune is in a bit of hot water after a reporter called to request an interview with Republican John James.

For Two Years the Stock Market has Climbed Under Trump

After two years in office, President Trump has rightfully taken credit for stock market improvement.

USA Gymnastics May Lose Governing Powers Due to Scandal

USA Gymnastics may no longer be recognized as a governing body pending the proceedings put in motion by the United States Olympic Committee.