Safe Spaces for Disparaged Student Voters

Marquette University is one of the first to continue to the trend of babying college students who are “suffering” from the election.

Collegge Labels Phrase ‘Long Time, No See’ as Derogatory

Colorado State University has brought on a diversity and inclusion official to help define proper campus language.

‘That’s Enough. Put Down the Mic’: Jim Acosta Tries to Square Off with Trump

At the conclusion of the midterm elections Trump held a rare press conference. Which CNN’s Jim Acosta mistakenly thought would be a good time to badger the president.

Sinead O’Connor Denounces Her Race: ‘What I’m about to say is … so racist’

Sinead O’Connor hasn’t been on the most coherent path. She has recently converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada Davitt. Following that she released a scathing statement condemning those who do not identify as Muslim, specifically whites.

GOP Loses House, But Trump Still Victorious

While there were many Republicans loses in the midterm elections, most still held their positions which include majority in the U.S. Senate.