‘I should have stayed’: Emotional Survivor Apologizes For Fleeing While Saving Son

One distressed parent’s account of the California bar shooting is going viral, pulling heartstrings with it.

At least 12 have been reported dead from the tragedy at the Thousand Oaks Bar and Grill.

The unidentified man described how events unfolded while he was visiting the bar with his son.

“My son thought it was a joke, and so I pulled him down, got some cover,” the man explained.

“I looked up and [the suspect] was moving to the right, and he shot the front … the front doorman, bouncer; just a young man,” the survivor wept. “And then, then he shot the cashier; just a young girl.”

As the shooter started hunting for more targets, the survivor noted that he wasn’t looking in his direction.

“He didn’t say anything at all, he just started shooting,” he added. “I should have stayed … but I was worried about my boy.”

“I should have stayed,” he sobbed. “I apologize to anybody who got hurt, or passed, I’m sorry. They’re all young. I’m 56; I’ve lived life — they’re all young. This shouldn’t have happened to them.”

Greg Lee of KABC-TV posted the footage online to Twitter, giving it the caption, “Absolutely heartbreaking interview from witness with @ABC7Jory at scene of reported mass shooting at #Borderline in #ThousandOaks. ‘They’re so young, this shouldn’t have happened to them.’”

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