The Brave Refuse as High School Students Give Nazi Salute

Baraboo High School in Wisconsin came under scrutiny when a class picture portrayed the class making Sieg Heil gestures. While on student objected.

The incident occurred when the males of the 2019 class posed for junior prom photos at a local courthouse. All seemed innocent enough until the photographer told them to “raise your hand.”

But one student, Jordan Blue, could see something wrong and refused to participate.

“The way the students had taken [that direction] was out of control,” Blue told CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday. “My peers should not have raised it in this specific way that was the offensive way and hurtful way.”

“Knowing the outcome of this situation, I would not have gone up there,” Blue continued. “It was a scary moment and it was very shocking and upsetting. It was a huge misrepresentation of the school district and the community of Baraboo.”

“In that moment, I was uncomfortable,” he added. “I was very hurt. I was very scared for the future. …  It was wrong. It shouldn’t be OK and it’s not OK.”

The photographer Peter Gust, has defended himself saying in statement, “I didn’t tell them to salute anything.”

“There was nothing that diminished the quality of anyone’s life. There was nothing that diminished anyone’s stature in society, nothing that was intended to point a finger at anyone in their class that may have some kind of difference. There was none of that,” he also said.

Both the Baraboo School District and the Baraboo Police Department have teamed up to announce their joint investigation and their intent to pursue “any and all available and appropriate actions, including legal.”

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