Japan Appoints Minister of Cybersecurity Who Has Never Used A Computer

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe appointed a new minister of cybersecurity, one who admits to having never used a computer.

68-year-old Yoshitaka Sakurada was recently appointed and it has several lawmakers in Japan scratching their heads.

After being appointed, Sakurada immediately made headlines when he was asked some rudimentary technology questions in regards to he USB drives used in nuclear power plants. “I don’t know the details well. So how about having an expert answer your question if necessary?” the man who is supposed to be the expert said.

Sakurada’s name and method of answering questions is already well known in Japan as he is also the overseer of the 2020 Olympics that will be hosted in Tokyo. Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun noted that he was similarly unaware of Olympic operations saying he, “showed a stunning lack of understanding of basic issues concerning the event.”

Japan being one of the most technologically advanced and innovative countries in existence are reasonably embarrassed by Sakurada’s appointment and comments. Many point to this as yet one more example of Japan’s failing political system.

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