Viral GoFundMe for Homeless Man a Scandalous Fraud

A New Jersey couple and the homeless man they set out to “help” are all being charged in court as details it was all a scam that netted $400,000.

An investigation has found that Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure conspired with impoverished Johnny Bobbitt to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars via a scam disguised to appear as a charity for the former Marine.

The story originally went viral when it appeared that Bobbitt gave his last $20 to get gas for a stranded McClure in 2017. In a supposed effort to pay it forward, McClure and D’Amico made a GoFundMe for Bobbitt one that quickly amassed 14,000 contributors and over $400,000 in funds.

However the ruse began to unravel when Bobbitt sued the couple claiming that they where spending the money on themselves.

This led to a more in depth investigation that implies the whole debacle was a sham.

WCAU-TV reported that a copy of a criminal complaint against the trio showed that they face charges of conspiracy and theft by deception. The couple have already turned themselves in to local authorities while Bobbitt  remains at large.

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