National Guard Soldiers Accidentally Overpaid, Feds Demand Repayment

In a financial blunder, the federal government overpaid hundreds of Iowa National Guard soldiers. Unsurprisingly they now want the money back.

$360K Social Security Theft Made By Retired Chicago Police Commander

Charges were made against a former Chicago police commander that he stole over $360,000 in Social Security funds meant for his deceased mother.

Ocasio-Cortez Puts Social Media To Work

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made waves through the internet as she started to lift the veil on political process via social media.

‘Ultramodern Tactical Weapon’ Tested in North Korea

Kim Jong Un has overseen the test of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon,” according to state run media in North Korea.

13-year-old Reaps Rewards After Inventing Teeth Cleaning Candy

A new candy company is starting to shake the market, and it’s under the control of 13-year-old Alina Morse.

Scientists Redefine Kilogram

At a gathering in France, the scientific community agreed to redefine the definition of a kilogram.