‘Ultramodern Tactical Weapon’ Tested in North Korea

Kim Jong Un has overseen the test of a “newly developed ultramodern tactical weapon,” according to state run media in North Korea.

The report comes from the Korean Central News Agency, which regularly releases Pr in favor of the Kim regime. In it the report states:

“After seeing the power of the tactical weapon, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un was so excited to say that another great work was done by the defense scientists and munitions industrial workers to increase the defense capability of the country.”

It is alleged that the project originally began under Kim Jong-il. In response to adding to his father’s work Kim Jong Un was said to have “missed Kim Jong-il very much while seeing the great success of its test.”

While this is the first test publicly conducted by North Korea since 2017, U.S. officials do not seem alarmed.

A spokesman for the State Department released a statement saying, “We remain confident that the promises made by President Trump and Chairman Kim will be fulfilled.”

This comes amid rumors that the pact established during a summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un has stalled.

However in an interview with NBC, Vice President Mike Pence said that at second summit between the U.S. and DPRK would proceed even if the Kim regime did not submit a listing of all its nuclear weapon and test sites.

Pence added that all sanctions placed on North Korea would remain until the country fulfilled its promise of disarming.

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