General Motors Announces Massive Lay Offs

General Motors has announced its plans to lay off an estimated 14,700 workers, nearly 15% of the companies salaried employees.

New York Lawsuit Latest Thorn in President Trump’s Side

A lawsuit against the Trump Foundation, filed by New York State Attorney General Barbara Underwood and which Judge Saliann Scarpulla declined to give Trump immunity from, poses a serious threat to the POTUS.

Gene Edited Babies Born Claims Chinese Scientist

Babies with genes edited to resist HIV, have allegedly been born in China, scientist He Jiankui claims.

Tensions Rise On the Black Sea

Russia has seized three Ukranian naval ships near Crimea and refuses to release them despite Western pushes to do so.

Selective Dissent: No Outcry When Obama-era Border Patrol Fought Illegal Immigration

The Trump administration is under fire yet again for the handling of illegal immigrants attempting to rush the border. But where was the furor when it was done under Obama?