Trump Delivers Ultimatum To ‘Obstructionist Democrats’

The partial government shutdown continues primarily due to dispute over funding for the border wall. President Trump has stopped pulling punches and declared the Souther Border would have to be closed entirely if funding wasn’t passed.

High Toll On Police In 2018

Recently released data shows that death among police officers rose nearly 12% in 2018.

Turkish Military Moves Into Syria As US Moves Out

As U.S. military forces withdraw from Syria, Turkey has been sending its own troops along with tank and armored vehicles into the territory.

White House Holiday Turmoil

Things are not looking good in Washington as the United States heads into the holidays.

Putin Praises Trump For Recalling US Troops In Syria

After President Donald Trump announced that ISIS in Syria had been defeated and that he would withdraw U.S. troops there, Russian President Vladimir Putin called it “the right decision,” according to the New York Times.

Facebook Concedes Partners Could Access PMs

Facebook is admitting the truth of a report from the New York Times that exposed the social media giant for allowing several companies in depth access to users’ data. 

Stuckey Stumps Progressives On Gender

Allie Beth Stuckey hosts the podcast “Relatable” as a “Conservative Millennial.” She recently spoke with Glenn Beck about her inflammatory tweet targeting the discussion of children under 10 changing gender. 

’Dirtier’ Comment Costs Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson of Fox News didn’t do himself any favors when he suggested immigrants make America “dirtier and poorer.”

US Senate Resolutions Decried By Saudi Arabia

After the United States Senate voted for resolutions to end U.S. military support for the war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia publicly denounced the verdict. 

Cohen Dishes On Trump

Michael Cohen has plead guilty to a pair of campaign finance violations, violations he made by making hush payments to women claiming to have had an affair with pre-presidency Donald Trump. Now he’s speaking out about it.