Turkish Military Moves Into Syria As US Moves Out

As U.S. military forces withdraw from Syria, Turkey has been sending its own troops along with tank and armored vehicles into the territory.

These proceedings are in part due to Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan’s commitment to take over the fight against ISIS in Syria. However Erdogan also has designs to increase the offensive against Kurdish forces in the area, forces that are backed by the United States.

Border cities Kilis and al-Rai are now filled with Turkish forces waiting to move into Syria the Daily Mail reports. 

President Trump appeared to support the move tweeting his expectation that Turkey would “eradicate whatever is left of ISIS in Syria.”

Currently Washington has warmed in its relationship with Ankara, with the possibility of the U.S. selling Patriot missiles to Turkey in the future. 

However there are downsides as well. While Defense Secretary James Mattis signed the order to withdraw American troops in Syria, the general was openly against it and submitted his resignation in response to the move.

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