Guess Who Wants Another Shutdown?

A bipartisan team of negotiators was assembled when the government re-opened with the express purpose of negotiating a deal for border security. 

Holes In Actor’s Highly Publicized Assault

Numerous news outlets clamored to report that “Empire” actor Jessie Smollett was the victim of a homophobic and racially motivated attack. Yet all of that scrutiny is starting to reveal inconsistencies about the altercation.

Radical Candidate Wants To ‘Eliminate’ Your Healthcare

One of the first presidential candidates for 2020 is already exposing her true colors. 

How The Shutdown Could Affect Your Refund

With funding for the government assured through to Feb 15th, things can finally start to return to normal. Unfortunately, that return isn’t an immediate process. It will take work and there will certainly be consequences from the closure.

Triggered Feminist Claims ‘I Am Afraid Of That Hat’

Things got pretty bizarre at the Los Angeles Women’s March when an unidentified feminist flew off the handle over a MAGA hat.

Vice President Pence Outs Dems In Interview

With the duration of the government shutdown surpassing a month, Vice President Mike Pence is raging against Democrats for prolonging the shutdown.

Press Secretary Told ‘Not To Bother’ With Press Briefings

In the latest tweets from President Donald Trump, he explains why Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been giving fewer press briefings. He told her “not to bother”.

Volunteers Found Guilty Of Encouraging Migrants

Four humanitarian aid volunteers have been found guilty by a federal judge of at least some of the charges filed against them for leaving food and water to be picked up by migrants, in a restricted wilderness area.

Pelosi’s Travel Ban A Long Time In The Making

President Donald Trump recently sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to inform her that her scheduled trip would be delayed in favor of addressing the shutdown. But it’s becoming more clear that Pelosi has had this coming. 

Rand Paul Buries Pelosi With His Own Suggestion

Tired of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s tactics, Rand Paul has now made his own suggestion regarding President Trump’s State of the Union address.