Clemson QB On White House Fast Food Feast: ‘It Was Awesome!’

Following President Donald Trump’s highly publicized fast food reception of the Clemson Tigers, the internet immediately started to bad mouth the event. But guests of the event are speaking out on behalf of the president’s efforts. 

Initially problems arose as the continued government shutdown means that most of the residential staff at the White House is on furlough. This presented a problem for the diner Trump was expected to host for the new national college football champs.

Of course, President Trump was more than ready to tackle the problem. Declaring he would personally foot the bill for the meal, President Trump made a special catering of the event with entrees from McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s as well as numerous pizzas.

While the meal might not impress your average member of Congress, it was a big hit with young athletes.

Trevor Lawrence, the freshman quarterback for the team reported to TMZ how he “loved” the menu.

“It was awesome,” a beaming Lawrence recounted. “We had McDonald’s and everything. It was good!”

The young athlete then expressed his hope to visit the White House “a few more” times.

While the liberal media may be willing to pick apart everything that President Trump does, the reality is that there are plenty of Americans who appreciate all he does for our nation. Including his steadfast stance to get funding for the border wall.

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