Triggered Feminist Claims ‘I Am Afraid Of That Hat’

Things got pretty bizarre at the Los Angeles Women’s March when an unidentified feminist flew off the handle over a MAGA hat.

The woman confronts a group of Trump supporters in a spat that seems to cover the spectrum of human emotion. 

A person going by the tag Fog City Midge posted a video that captured the incident with the label, “No facts, no argument, all hate.”

“This woman confronted us at the recent Women’s March in LA,” the caption reads. “She began by screaming that she did not want equality but wanted the ‘the whole f’ing thing’ before moving on to MAGA hats, cleaning [sic] they incite FEAR and are RACIST!”

“What is she doing though?” it continues. “Inciting FEAR! Facts don’t matter to them. This is dangerous. The Left is a cult. We must protect America from these haters before they destroy everything.”

The video shows the woman go from yelling to hysterical laughter moving on to what seems to be respectable conversation.

During one of the more lucid segments of her rant it seems the woman may even be flirting with the opposition after learning that one of the men is named David.

“That is the most beautiful name. That’s an angel’s name, isn’t it?” she says with a doe-eyed grin.

But then she looked up and Jekyll gives way to Mrs. Hyde. 

“Think about your hat and the way it makes people feel, because it incites fear in all those around us,” she claimed. But as she dwelled on the idea her anxiety seemed to grow as well. “Every person is afraid of that hat!” she wails. “I am afraid of that hat!”

David then bravely tries to use facts, offering, “That’s because of the mainstream media’s narrative that’s painted Donald Trump as a racist. I don’t agree with the narrative.”

The woman responds with, “as a human being, we should pay attention to fear and not logic.”

Just let that sink in for the next time you consider trying to reason with the extreme left.

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