Holes In Actor’s Highly Publicized Assault

Numerous news outlets clamored to report that “Empire” actor Jessie Smollett was the victim of a homophobic and racially motivated attack. Yet all of that scrutiny is starting to reveal inconsistencies about the altercation.

One immediate red flag was when authorities arrived on the scene, Smollett still had a noose around his neck. Even thought he escaped the assault some 40 minutes before.

Chicago reporter Rob Elgas of WLS-TV recounted that “when Smollett contacted police at 2:42AM, he was still wearing the rope around his neck. The alleged encounter occurred at 2AM. Police have the rope and it will be analyzed.”

While it certainly must be incredibly stressful and hard to cope with being the victim of an attack, it’s hard to think that a person’s first instinct wouldn’t be to remove the rope around one’s neck. Especially for such an extended period of time.

Another inconsistency comes from a widely circulated TMZ report that claimed Smollett was attacked by two masked white men who asked who shouted, “This is MAGA country!”

However Chicago Police informed TheBlaze that initially there was “no mention of MAGA” in the reports. It was only after detectives revisited Smollett that he recalled the remarks, which where added to a supplemental report.

Additionally CBS News reported that while detectives have “expanded the search area for video of the alleged assailants” they’ve been unable to find “any footage or witnesses.”

Wouldn’t masked men carrying bleach and a noose stand out, even (if not especially) at 2 AM?

It’s odd that so many outlets have failed to mention any of these curious details. However that could be because the liberal media is in hog heaven as it condemns the attack as a result of Trump’s “nationalist” rhetoric. 

Recognizable people such as Al Sharpton, Michael Avenatti, and Rob Reiner are just some of those that have called on Trump to address the attack or flatly lamed him for it.

For the record any violence against a person based on identity is heinous and should be condemned. Just be sure it’s fact and not fiction.

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