Special Counsel’s Surprise Target

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  1. Guenther says:

    I would like to see the wall going up tomorrow

  2. Richard says:

    Typical Mueller and deep state tactics. They bounce around looking for anything to bring up so the liberally biased media can build a mountain out of another mole hill. These low life so called investigators are nothing more than high paid hoods who bully and threaten. Mueller himself is a felon who has committed felonies and even treason. Only difference is he is a lawyer and the law does not prosecute their own. Truth. Besides, Barack and Comey are his rear door pals. Who would dare to arrest or question one of them? Time to drop the hanging platform floor door on these liars, criminals and treason doers. Time to end the muti million dollar witch hunt and investigate, prosecute and sentence the real felons, liars and criminals. The Hillary cover up shamed the whole country. The rest just adds to the embarrassment. Time for the liberal socialists and terrorists to face the music. Also time the do nothing Legislative Branch got off it’s deal rear and got to work with the real business of running this country for the people. If they can’t do it then release them from their job, fire their sorry butts and move on. Thank you.

  3. Harold George says:

    Muller needs to crawl back under his rock,

  4. Marc says:

    Komrad Mueller has been a life-long Marxist. After the original jihadist attack in New Jersey President Bush asked Mueller and Comey to establish a tracking program for recently arrived probable jihadists. The two-life-long Marxists refused by stating that such a program would be un-American. We then had jihadist murders in New York, Orlando, South Carolina, San Bernardino…

  5. Denny says:

    Just more BS from the BS Kings. President Trump needs to start arresting people for Sedition, Look up what it means. Not arrest just politicians, but the elite of the elite rich and confiscate all assets until the case is closed.

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