Another Struggle Hits Border Patrol

As if the threat of thousands of migrants crossing illegally into the United States or the issue of drastically inadequate funding wasn’t enough, Border Patrol now faces another mounting problem. Finding enough members to fill its ranks.

Gov. Threatens To ‘Punch’ Trump

The rhetoric against President Donald Trump has officially gotten out of hand, after one town’s governor claimed he would get physical with the sitting U.S. president. 

Trump Tells Russia To ‘Get Out’

President Trump began to crack down on Russia after declaring that “all options” were open in order to persuade the Kremlin to remove troops recently dispatched to Venezuela.

Stunning Dismissal Of Celebrity Charges

Delivering a slap in the face to anyone who appreciates the pursuit of justice, charges against actor Jussie Smollet have been dropped according to statements made by his legal team.

Trump’s Lawyer Vows To ‘Aggressively’ Protect THIS

Jay Sekulow, personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, shared on CNN’s “New Day” that he would would not allow Trump’s written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller to be made public.

BREAKING: Trump Reigns In U.S. Department

President Donald Trump has announced via his Twitter account that he would be overriding a recent move by one U.S. department.

Trump Stands Firm On This Right

President Donald Trump has previously stated that he would pull federal research funding from colleges that failed to protect free speech. Now he is set to sign an executive order putting his words into action.

State Takes Big Step To Save Unborn Lives

Senators in Mississippi have successfully passed the final version of a bill that aims to save the lives of unborn children. 

Trump’s 3 Words To Critic

President Donald Trump isn’t the kind of leader to shy away from criticism. In fact in many cases, like this one, Trump is more than willing to return fire.

Shooting Prompts Country-Wide Gun Surrender

Residents in New Zealand are understandably shaken after a gunman opened fire on two mosques located in Christchurch. But their response seems a bit counter-intuitive.