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Why Did Hillary Just Reactivate Her Law License?

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  1. Betty Jay says:

    Only crooks should need her law assistance. She is only good at defending lawbreakers because she knows all the crooked ways to get away with breaking the law. She has had more than 40 years experience of breaking the law.

  2. Mike Dar says:

    Definitely.. she can be witness, subject, her own lawyer and claim anything she wishes… after consultation with the subject of any investigation, and then demand a delay to consult with herself/witness…. then as being the legal representative of herself/subject claim the witness/herself has recollection problems on any issue in the subjects investigation matters pertain to and request a Medical examination for the subject/herself… coach the Examiners results, and then examine the ‘report of results. she asked for the subject/herself, re-question the witness/herself to see if the witness/herself agrees that the subject/herself does have a memory problem………………………………………………
    she plans on giving legal advise.

  3. JC says:

    Two things for sure, regardless of age, she is too stupid to be a decent lawyer and too old to function properly! What is she going to with a law license when she is in jail?

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