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Petty Pelosi Punishes Pence

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  1. ANI4ANI says:

    Wonder how many “undocumented immigrants” will fit in that space?

  2. Joe Feeney says:

    “Nancy Pelosi “The Baby Killer” wants to punish Pro-Life Mike Pence. Guess which one goes to Heaven and which on goes to Hell!

  3. Deborah says:

    Pelosi is too busy trying to find her teeth and mind, maybe she will forget giving our VP’s office away or she will show her really bully side!

  4. GaryM says:

    The two “P”s! PETTY PELOSI. I hope that the overt contempt Pelosi and all Dems have shown this administration bites them in the ass come 2020!

  5. Caroline says:

    Only a petty, ignorant woman like Pelosi would do something this stupid, as all she did was show everyone how petty she is. Women in a Congress? She just showed everyone they never should have let her out of the kitchen!

  6. Hopefully, the Speaker of the House will be told not only to vacate her office but the house as well.

  7. BOB POWER says:


  8. Richard Dunn says:

    Just goes to show she has no class, no manners, and does not respect the office of the VP. She is a vile, vindictive and hateful woman who should be ashamed of herself.

  9. Pelosi did not punish Pence, she took away a reward that the previous Republican congress granted him without historical precedence, need, or warrant.

  10. JMEH says:

    Regarding pathetic Pelosi, who died and made her queen? I never knew the Speaker of the House had more pull than the President in the WH. Who knew?

  11. Clayton says:

    the swamp creature needs to retire and crawl back under the rock where she come from

  12. The Last Conservative says:

    Unfortunately, we, on the right, do not retaliate with similar actions. We don’t even react. Like the little baby have her tantrum.
    That’s OK . . . we’re taking back the House in 2020, anyway !

  13. madmemere says:

    Perhaps there is a way for President Trump, or Senate boss, Mitch McConnell, to boot nutty nan out of her office and give that one to VP Pence. Somehow she “thinks” she’s the boss, but she isn’t and it’s time to show her that little fact.

  14. one of these days that nasty liberal will someone the wrong way and she might have a hard time sitting down what a vindictive person she turn out to be

  15. Estell says:

    Send her to the zoo. She’d fit right in. But the animals shouoldn’t be punished.

  16. Marilyn says:

    I have watched and listen to this Alcoholic Hypocrite for decades and frankly she’s a total Disaster when it comes to being a House Speaker,she gets her godhead additude and thinks she’s the President ! She doesn’t Deserve her Power Seat ,she doesn’t deserve any position in Gov. Please make this total Ding Bat resign ,,,enough of her stupidly and AntiAmerican mouth!

  17. Bill says:

    Pelosi is such a bitch! I hope she gets hit by a bus.

  18. Richard Lawver says:

    Holy crap! Pelosi and Shurmur are acting like 1st graders who just had their sidewalk chalk taken away for writing on the wall. GROW THE F::K UP.. Start acting like grown ass adults and get the U.S.A. back on track. We have more than enough enemy’s that are willing to tear us apart You all need to get our borders finished get our schools safe for all the children without taking our 2nd amendment rights away.

    P.S. The ar-15 is not a military weapon believe me I was in the military they have a selector switch with more than two settings their weapons have a safe, semi-auto and auto whereas the civilians version has safe and semi-auto. Semi-auto is when you pull the trigger only one bullet is fired.

  19. What a ‘powerful’ message that Pelosi has made. Goes to show what desperation and frustration can do to an individual that has lost control, but lashes out in measures of ‘seeming to do something of worth’. Thank You Ocasio-Cortez, for bringing your party to the demise it deserves.

  20. Don says:

    She just continues to prove she is a whiny, vindictive, senile, subhuman into her second childhood, and a disgrace to humanity.

  21. JIM says:

    Pence was leaving anyway, Pelosi ruined the whole chamber.

  22. William says:

    Pelosi shows her true colors with her Petty Politcing!! Her office should be in the basement!!

  23. Rodger Shull says:

    This just goes to show how senile and STUPID she really is, and it sure is not a person to have authority to make BIG DECISIONS , she would have trouble deciding to flush the toilet , after a BIG NUMBER 2. She MENTALLY UN-STABLE .

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