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Biden Releases Video, Accusations Nearly Double

Former Vice President Joe Biden just can’t get things to go his way. In a weak attempt to quiet allegations against him, Biden made a video that actually resulted in more women coming forward saying he violates personal space.

3 more accusers have spoken out almost doubling what is now 7 claims of inappropriate contact.

It could be that the in the video Biden made, the former VP never actually apologizes for his behavior. Instead making excuses that it’s just how he “connects” with others.

Vail Kohnert-Yount claims that after becoming a White House intern she was made uncomfortable by Biden when he “put his hand on the back of my head and pressed his forehead to my forehead while he talked to me.”

Sofie Karasek shares a similar story, except it happened when she and 50 other sexual assault survivors met Biden at the Oscars. Karasek shared that after telling Biden a story he “responded by clasping her hands and leaning down to place his forehead against hers.”

Finally (for now) Democratic staffer Ally Coll, said that when she met Biden he “leaned in, squeezed her shoulders and delivered a compliment about her smile, holding her ‘for a beat too long.’” 

So far all of the women claim that Biden’s actions did not carry a sexual threat, but we’re uncomfortable nonetheless.  

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  1. He is god..dude…look at what you have your wife and family…drop out and get some help ????

  2. Joe Biden is not just a threat to women, he is a threat to any female. Look at any young girl’s face when in the presence of Biden’s unwanted “petting.” He is so out of control that when his wife signals him by touching his hand with hers, he cannot stop there by making it clear that Joe Biden is out of control & ahas pedophilia tendencies. Put his behavior under a microscope & see what the professionals say about his actions. I am a counselor trained in this area & his acts around underage females is a neon sign for a predator alert. Look at the girls faces & read their body language!

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