2020 Candidate’s Open Hypocrisy

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  1. Joanie says:

    Gun Control = equals more safety…. How many of our children must die? How many home grown white terrorist will have excuses for their behavior spewed by an elitist group of tax dodging white millionaires and billionaires or their cronies.

    The Hypocrisy is in the author of this story.

  2. Carl says:

    They lie like rugs! They say anything in the direction of the blowing wind. Obama trippled the debt and killed industry and jobs in this country in order to bring everyone dependent upon the government bent on being socialist aka communist. They have no plan but control of our lives even to the extent of new world order which will be controlled by WHO!

  3. russell remmert says:

    with its record one has to wonder how it would be eligible to be a dogcatcher

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