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Trump Joins Global Community, Offers Aid

President Trump is speaking out to condemn vicious terrorist attacks that took place on Easter Sunday.

Hotels and churches in Sri Lanka were devastated by explosive attacks that have left over 200 dead and many hundreds more injured.

Trump joins other leaders of the global community in denouncing the reprehensible attacks while offering condolences. 

French President Emmanuel Macron, who has been dealing with Paris’ own tragedy after the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, shared his sympathies as well. 

British Prime Minister Theresa May referred the incident as “truly appalling,” while calling for unity.

Pope Francis said: “I want to express my loving closeness to the Christian community, targeted while they were gathered in prayer, and all the victims of such cruel violence.” He continued, “I entrust to the Lord all those who were tragically killed and pray for the injured and all those who are suffering as a result of this dramatic event.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin portrayed the terrorists as “cruel and cynical.”

Lastly Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the attack was “an assault on all of humanity.” 

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  1. Trump “Conveniently” exploits the tragedy for his “Christian” audience, but Trump has been ignoring the Alt-Right domestic terrorism in this country, the most domestic terrorism in this country for the last two decades. These groups, who are supporters of Trump, commit 300 deadly attacks every year. Not only has the media given meager attention to this, but Trump himself has disbanded the Domestic Intelligence Unit that was established to monitor domestic terrorism after 9/11. Trump obviously knows where his support is coming from.

  2. This is NOT Trump”s “generosity. It’s Trump using taxpayer money for this cause. I remember that, when Trump refused to join a candidate debate in Iowa and held his own “fundraiser” instead. He promised to give all the money he got from his own fundraiser to veterans groups. He lied about how much he gave to Veterans and he was going to keep all the money until several newspapers called him on it and exposed his greediness.
    Trump has NEVER been generous….unless he thought he could somehow benefit financially from any such largess.
    Here’s an article to prove my point.

  3. When people don’t have a way to protect themselves then they are opening themselves to be slaughtered just like this case.. These attacks laugh because you can’t protect yourselves. Its like ope3n season to be hunter. The attackers are cowards.!

  4. And WHY do these Attacks occur..??!!!- ..obummer! The MUSLIM!!, G SOROS the Globalist., and Angela Merkel, the SOCIALIST / COMMUNIST!!!- te TRIUMVIRATE

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