This State Just DITCHED Columbus Day

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  1. Joann says:

    Too many foreigners legal and illegal aliens have ruined this country we are no longer the United States ! People we have let into this country want to do away with all our holidays and religion ! Wake up people and see with these new immigrants are doing to your country! We let them into our country and they want to do away with everything that’s American is a disgrace and I’m pissed you don’t want to assimilate and become an American get the hell out of our country !

  2. Charles says:

    Fortunately Columbus Day is a federal Holiday.

  3. Bob says:

    I will never again visit your state or spend a dollar there. Take your hatred and shove it.

  4. alfred pettry says:

    when you try and rewrite history it has some serious side effects now if I was the good people that were first here when Columbus got here I would sue the each of these 6 states for squatting on my recognized lands and have them pay me for all the times that they have resided on my land

  5. Lois says:

    If there is any Italians in any of these states, maybe they should leave that state and move to one that honors them.

  6. Cg says:

    Just remove all holidays.That way the people that don’t want to honor history can stay at work and forget about paid holidays too!!!!

  7. stadalberts says:

    Yet ANOTHER anti-American insane politician. There are FAR too many of them around already!

  8. jth says:

    I will add Vermont to the states I will not visit. This state belongs in Canada, the sooner the better. A big FU Vermont!!!!

  9. John F Grychak says:

    What a great country we would once more be, if only our congress worked toether for a common goal of making America Great Again. Hey! I can dream can’t, or is that Illegal also?

  10. L. Stewart says:

    More DA liberals at work. Leave our history alone…..

  11. D Piper says:

    I am not celebrating indigenous people day! I don’t care what others say or what state I live in. This is just the height of PC stupidity.

  12. Laughing atyou says:

    So do the indigenous people have to collaborate a day for the tall blonde haired people they wiped out when the current indigenous people moved to the Americas? Just wondering if we are playing fair or being leftist ass holes

  13. James says:

    What a bunch of morons.

  14. Randall says:

    And Your Point? All indigenous people didn’t ask that their lands be taken from them., and Columbus never made it to the North American Continent Were the Italian ancestors denied anything more than most immigrants? Or is this a knock against the Catholic church being slighted by these states?

  15. TK says:

    Once again , liberal pandering to the masses in gaining votes for the party. Can’t figure out another day, just can one for the other. Slap in the face of the Italian heritage that actually help discover this great country. Our politicians are the sadest group of people with no brain.

  16. Tommy Molnar says:

    More of the continuing effort to do away with all of our history. Eventually we’ll just be another also-ran country with no pride, no history, and no strength of character. Kinda like the UK, Sweden, and the rest of the socialist countries out there.

  17. marcus sammons says:

    let history be history

  18. Barbara says:

    Knowing our new NM Gov. that fits with all the rest of the damn dems.!!!!! Radical liberal lefties.

  19. John Mernone says:

    You people are trash. So before you Native Americans <LMAO dis one Italian, just remember your naming yourself after another one who named the entire hemisphere after himself…Amerigo….for those of you who were absent Libs that YEAR!

  20. Bill Cash says:

    I can agree with honoring the tribes of America who gave up so much. But I don’t think it’s a positive move to completely “do away” with the history upon which the nation was built.. There should be a positive move to keep the history of our nation and honor those mentioned at the same time. It appears there is a move afoot to completely destroy American History with the destruction of statues, dishonoring the flag and national anthem, and allowing other nations to fly their flags in our streets.

  21. KaL says:

    Enough is enough! As stated many many times, “ ya can’t change history by removing it from the people’s eyes” !

  22. Pj says:

    States that are destroying history should never get federal funding again. Never knew that there was that many stupid people in America. This state is a disgrace to America stupidity has become the new normal. These people are a danger to America way of life.

  23. howard buckley says:


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