Protestor Exposes Herself, Then Does Something INSANE!

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  1. gary says:

    this should show every one how stupid and sick these people are

  2. Joz Lee says:

    and ????? you call her a ”WOMAN” this is a despicable moron not even a human! the protest needed to have a more lasting impact, so laying in the street she glued her breasts to the ground. THAT’S NOT WHAT ‘BREASTS’ ARE FOR!

  3. Dennis D. Dixon says:

    Now we know who one can turn to when boobs are found to be down and out.

  4. A.Olsson says:

    Stupid is that stupid does.

  5. Peter Gaskin says:

    This is just more proof people like this are not of sound mind and should be institutionalised they are a danger to themselves and the rest of the sane population

  6. valerie a Eggers says:

    Give me a break. How does this action relate to climate change???? She’s another nutcase.

  7. Pete says:

    Hope the police used a dull chisel to remove her breasts from the concrete!

  8. Soupy says:

    Probably the first time she used them, albeit for a stupid purpose. Hey, it’s body she can do what she wants with it LOL.

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