Rosenstein Departure LEAKED 11 Days Before It Happened

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  1. John Wayne says:

    NOTE: – -The media has reached used car salesman status, NO Sorry – – -“Lawyer Status – – – -‘Media” Where is the outrage of a candidate and former VP [ Joe Biden ] colluding and conspiring to work with foreign agents ? We need the truth about the Ukraine, China and Saudi Arabia and his [Joe Biden’s son]…….[PLEASE Check Out Joe Biden and Son.]
    We need the truth about what Joe Biden knew about the so-called ‘Russian Conspiracy while He was Obama’s VP – – -Joe Biden – 40 years of public service…never Had a real JOB – – -what is his NET Worth off of a “Public Service career –lets add up the 40 years salary and you tell me How He got his Net Worth’ – – -Amtrak Donations? MBNA – -Son’s lobbying of ” Charles Cauley ” — – -Joe Biden is blaming “Our President Donald J. Trump who has been in office for only 2 years [ ” POTUS -DJT” is NOT A Career Politician but a Business Man ] for the Countries problems this Country has when he ‘Joe Biden” was in the Senate for 36 years and VP for 8…..[With Obama Administration ] Joe Biden – -self -enriching himself and family —-Dig deeply into the “Biden Clan” – – -If the “Media” tried to get answers from VP Joe Biden for his very illegal acts he made in Ukraine sending $1.8 BILLION in aid in exchange for Hunter Biden receiving millions of dollars from Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company. In his own words, with video cameras rolling, Biden described how he threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. Shokin was blocking Hunters plans–And it worked for Hunter who accompanied Joe on this trip to cement his plans.

    NOTE: –The Mueller report makes it very clear that the Russian interference failure was Obama’s Administration alone. He was the Commander-in-Chief when all of this happened and “NOTE: Joe Biden was His VP. In 2010, he and Eric Holder, his Attorney General, declined to prosecute Julian Assange, who then went on to help Russia hack the Democratic National Committee’s emails in 2016. He arguably [Open Mike Conversation] chose to prioritize his relationship with Putin vis-à-vis Iran over pushing back against Russian election interference that had been going on for at least two years…….
    If you consider Russian election interference a crisis for our Democracy, then you cannot read the Mueller report, adding it to the available public evidence, and conclude anything other than Barack Obama / Joe Biden spectacularly failed America and its Legal Voting Citizens. Subsequent investigations of this matter should explore how and why Obama’s White House failed[ Reminder again, Joe Biden was His VP and should have been briefed on all National Security issues at the time], and whether they[Obama Administration -which Joe Biden was a Major Party too ] invented the collusion narrative to cover up those security breaches and failures.

    EXAMPLE – No, what has failed us is a system that was allowed to be abused by an unethical President [Obama] [His VP Joe Biden ] and candidate at the time for President [Hillary Clinton] and a Political organization that completely interfered with a contending [Bernie Sanders] candidate [ The DNC – – – “Donna Brazil” ] that “all” worked with politicized and corrupted law enforcement, lawyers, and intelligence agencies [FBI / DOJ / NSA/ CIA ] to craft a hoax on the American citizens and a “Duly Elected President – Donald J. Trump “. The most outrageous thing is that there were several independent groups in place that was supposed to call this ‘All” out, [FBI / DOJ / NSA / CIA / but instead were neck deep in the politicized conspiracy to overthrow Our President Donald J. Trump.]

    What part of the Uranium-One deal did Joe Biden know of or better yet How was He as the VP involved – -These Questions Need Answers – – – – –
    Uranium One investigation. There have been no reliable news up-dates for the past several years on Uranium One. The public needs an update on the Uranium One Senate Investigation. It seems incredible that the U.S. would sell any uranium since we import 90% of the uranium we use. But, evidence shows that Obama and Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. Hopefully the AG Barr and IG Horowitz will be very very busy

  2. Ruth says:

    “Leaked”? Was announced while ago he’d be leaving May 1,

  3. The “LEAKER TRAITOR” when caught should face our “DOJ’ and be charged and put in “PRISON”1

  4. Tim says:

    how would you like to commit multiple felony’s, and just loose your job ? Who is working for whom ? Who is making the rules for who ?

  5. What happened to our government? People would be going to prison in the past for this. I guess it`s alright if you don`t get caught.

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