The TRUTH Of The DNC Server Cover Up

Special Counsel Robert Mueller noted in his report that his team did not “obtain or examine” the Democratic National Committee servers and the “reason” is insane.

It’s outrageous that in an investigation to discover hacking by Russia that the servers of the DNC would be omitted, but that’s exactly what has happened. 

Mueller’s report shares that the particular servers weren’t checked because “the Office understands that the FBI, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the states have separately investigated that activity.”

Yet if memory serves, Democrats DENIED the FBI the opportunity to check those servers, instead striking a back alley deal for the third party company CrowdStrike to perform the forensics and then provide the details of their investigation to the FBI. CrowdStrike was paid some $100 million for the service by Google Captial.

Astute readers might recall that Google Capital is a part of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google that has long favored the Democratic party. 

So a partisan third party was allowed to review massive amounts of sensitive government data and then submit what it wanted to the FBI, which in turn has been deemed good enough by special counsel Mueller.

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  1. Another Mueller Fuck-up … the Democrats are so damn “Crooked” it isn’t even funny anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’S OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have been bothered by this fact when I first started hearing about the DNC hacking along with John Podesta’s hack. I simply cannot believe and rational federal agency would have accepted their excuse or the deal to allow a third party to examine a server that more then likely had sensitive intel on it.

  3. This is a travesty! Our taxpayers dollars are being misused by the FBI! What is going on in this country! The Democrats have been misusing our money with all the investigations on President Trump. They ( the Democrats) need to be investigated! This is an outrage! We the people need to step up and demand some action!

  4. The likely perpetrators are the Awan brothers. They stole data off Congress’ servers. Why wouldn’t you suspect them of also doing so on the DNC server? Especially, given they were charged with maintaining it. They had motive, means and opportunity. The holy grail of law enforcement.

  5. The Dems are going to rue the day they had appointed a special prosecutor to investigate Trump. The buck will stop when it hits 0bama. You can bet that the lower echelon people will rat out those higher than them. We already know that 0bama knew what the FBI was doing and we also know that he did nothing to stop the Russians and Ukrainians from interfering in our elections because he thought Hillary would win and be able to cover it all up. Fortunately, Trump won and has been exposing the depths of the deep state.

  6. Insanity at its finest. They go out side of the specifications of the investigation and indict and prosecute several from GOP leanings for issues not related to the investigation but yet all the evidence and potential evidence found on Hillary and within Obama’s administration gets nada, zip not even a slap on the wrist for the federal crimes committed. If that isn’t prosecutorial misconduct and crimes within the special counsel, I don’t know what is. It is incumbent for this administration to conduct a full investigation on Hillary and Obama’s minions and indict and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, otherwise law and order mean nothing in the this country.

  7. Rodney you are CORRECT, a RATIONAL/TRUTH SEEKING agency would NOT, but one seeking to find results that will support their desired outcome would!

  8. Now I understand how a country becomes under a dictator.

    Now I understand how a country becomes under a dictator – Stand by and let all the crooks gain control.
    Then the crooks appoint one – not duly elected by the people, but by declaring everyone crooks except themselves.
    Enter one who has been a top crook for ever and ever, Guess who? Someone that has always been “above the law.”

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