Legacy Of George Washington Under Attack

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  1. Jenny Harp says:

    IT’S HISTORY. GET IT. WE DON’T NEED TO Be taking down statues, painting over murals or renaming streets. Let them be a reminder of where we came from, to not repeat it.

    1. William M says:

      Yes George Washington was a slave owner, so was Thomas Jefferson, in fact a large percentage of the founding fathers were slave owners. So what. This was over 200 years ago and a part of US history. Yes slavery and native American injustices can’t really be quantified. Painting over these pictures that have been there for years accomplishes what? Answer: nothing. Oh it gives an out of work painter something to do. Big deal. Same with objectionable Confederate statues all over the south. The civil war and slavery ended over 150 years ago, move on

  2. Roxanne I Bohnow says:

    That this is taking place out in California does not surprise me. I am surprised that they are not changing the name of the school as well. Those who forget what history has to teach us are doomed to repeat it. Just saying.

  3. Little Bright Feather says:

    Well then they need to wipe out that Lincoln as well – he too not only owned slaves and did not want to set them free when he was told he had to – he also told the Senate to change the Constitution to say slavery would last forever ! Lincoln was the most extreme white supremacist in our history !
    Jackson use to invade Florida to kidnap blacks and Indians to sell as slaves in the north.
    The real slave nation in TRUE history was the US North (95%), not the CSA South (only 2 %), who had slavery forced on them when they did not want it, in the 1830’s.

  4. derf says:

    i can’t believe they will stoop this far i an tell you i’m really pi$$ off right now it’s time for all of them to get out of any office people PLEASE remember what they are trying to do to our country when you go out to vote if you love your country vote them out of office Thank You

    1. William M says:

      Lincoln never owned any slaves. Even though he was born in kentucky, a border state after the Confederacy was established and a slave state,, he moved do Illinois when he was a very young man. Mary Todd’s family were slave owners, as she was from Kentucky. Just to set the record straight.

  5. Anna Donnelly says:

    I see proud men raising the American Flag. I don’t see slavery, genocide, colonization, manifest, destiny, or white supremacy. What I read is that the far left has so much hate in their hearts for American and white people it is not funny. If you don’t like the flag and American please just pick another country to move to. Some of us are very proud to be called Americans. If you would stop using the race card on everything this country would get along. It is your fault that Blacks hate white and whites hate black.

  6. Vaughn says:

    The people should vote on it not just listen to a few un-American people. It’s our history and you can’t change it but you can learn from it.

  7. Jo says:

    WE the People need to stand up not to let this happen! George Washington is Americas legacy! This is pure hatred-Shame on these people that want to destroy the importance of Americas History!

  8. James says:

    The America hating liberals will never be satisfied until they have destroyed all history which shows the evolution of liberty.
    For many decades, they have revised history concerning the human struggle for liberty from despotic rulers. Even today, most people do not know that our “Declaration of Independence” is based on writings which date back to the 1100’s and the peoples’ uprising against a murderous king. We need to restore real history in our primary schools.

  9. Merlin Wood says:

    it is getting close to time for Americans to rise up and terminate communist filth

  10. NavyPO2 says:

    San Francisco has become a gigantic left wing freak show. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Pam says:

    What a sad world we live in these days. History is important and we must learn from it and not repeat it. Celebrate the accomplishments we have made but never forget where we came from. Unfortunately, we cannot change it by covering it up.

  12. Russell dale Remmert says:

    who dreams up these things leave our history alone or get out of our country

  13. ron Bohn says:

    Garbage spewing garbage!

  14. California is a freak show

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