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Democrat ADMITS Party Obsession

Democratic congressman Al Green just let slip exactly why Democrats refuse to give up on impeaching President Donald Trump. 

While appearing on MSNBC, Green threw all caution to the wind and shared that “if we don’t impeach this president, he will get re-elected.”

There you have it, plain as day. Democrats continue to mount attack after attack so they can deny the American people the president Democrats know will win again. 

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  1. Commiecrats will lose in a landslide in 2020. They have no platform except “impeach Trump” Hey Commiecrats look around. Trump is kicking it! MAGA!

  2. Is that treason? They know the will of the people. Trump is a dully elected president. Yet they are willing to do anything to bring him down. Where are the lines?

  3. Yes democrat dregs like Green and Cohen have no real ideas of their own to help this country so they play the race and impeach card. They’re pathetic.

  4. Why shouldn’t he be re-elected. Trump has done so much to advance the well being of every American. This country is in great shape and getting better every day. Trump did more in 2 yrs than Obuma did in 8 yrs. We’s be alot further along if it was not for the obstructionist democrats who want to lead America in the different direction. At this rate I foresee 2 things…almost a complete clean sweep in the next election for the Repubs and the total fracturing of the democratic party to the point of destruction

  5. Those of us who know the Lord Jesus will keep praying and our President will be elected again!!!

  6. Al Greene, like all the DEMOCRATS, are afraid that Trump will win, therefore, the little rats want to keep making fools of themselves to try to stop him. That shows how Crooked they are and they are immature, immoral, delinquent brats with their tamtams.

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