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Conservative Men Come Under FIRE

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  1. marshmil1789 says:

    If Pam Keith had her way, all male fetuses would be aborted.

  2. Eliot says:

    Alyssa Milano said not to have sex with all men – I think she stole Alyssa’s idea! Both women should be MOONED, and I will MOON them!

  3. Sara Wilt says:

    This is a woman who keeps getting shut down and can’t seem to get the message. Your opinion is trash, your attitude is unwelcome and you are not wanted. Catch a clue and retire so those who are smarter and actually have common sense can get things back on track.

  4. Tim Shepperson says:

    Gee I’m surprised that she didn’t get her way, after all she is a democrat.

  5. Dee says:

    These feminist Nazis are clueless ! There’s Plenty Conservative woman who would love to be with a good conservative man ! I also think it’s wise for men to stay away from these nazi feminists because I wouldn’t want them breeding !

  6. Jay says:

    Sounds like this woman is a certified loser, neat at everything she ran for. Probably gay since she is advocating abstinence from sex with conservative men. Well sorry about your bad luck again but there are women that love having sex with conservative men & probably not inclined to stop because you say they should.

  7. manuel miranda says:

    “Pam Keith, a former Democrat candidate for Congress in Florida, ….” …..imagine to owns the power to tell people what to do, undoubtfully she must be suffering some psychosis unless she is a, indeed, a paid slave of Obama and Soros’s destructive socialism agendas…..just like hundred of brainwashed followers –very sick people of course.

  8. Danger says:

    LOL This is funny, because Alyssa Milano just made the same statement to women because they didn’t have full control over the bodies, so she told women to stop having sex with men. Well, all I have to say is to all the left liberal women, many of which are feminists, hey, that’s fine with us, please, by all means, do it! Because us conservative men wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near a left liberal feminist!! They’re already so in love with themselves, and their ideas, and their victimhood, there’s no room for anyone else! LOL So you guys go right ahead and not have sex with us conservative men. Majority of chances are that we’re not. We can smell the stench of stupidity, victimhood, and superiority complex a mile away, and we steer clear. 🙂

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