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Liberals New Name For MOTHER’S DAY

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  1. The whole world has gone entirely stark raving mad after reading that article. The world is made up of male and female period.What utter claptrap.

  2. Kenneth Javor says:

    This stupidity will never end;. That is because liberals have been trained, like a one trick pony, to think irrational.

  3. Danko says:

    Totally stupid, if the kids parent died let them own it and get over it ,stop coddling these kid’s they’re stronger than the libtards making up this stupid crap

  4. Brenda says:

    This is just idiotic we have had Mother’s Dat and Father’s Day for so many years now why would it offend people now this is just stupidity at its best. So much Bull Shit it has to stop!

  5. Kristophe says:

    So many TRADITIONS that must be crushed in order
    to marginalize any and all Democratic traditions!

  6. Kenneth Hadler says:

    “we no longer subscribe to a binary world.’” What kind of teaching is this?
    How do they think they came into existence? Do they think these children were all just dropped from outer space?

  7. We completely understand and sympathize with children who have lost mothers or fathers. Our “family” consists of a grown son, who is divorced and brought his two young sons to us (grandparents) to raise so he could work to help support them without his former mate, who is a drug addict. OK. So we are doing that. These little boys 8 and 6 have no mother now. Naturally, they miss her and don’t understand her dereliction of duty. Blended families of all types have varying situations. That is no reason to deprive the entire community of honoring worthy mothers of their “day,” wherein happy and well-adjusted kids can proudly bring their parent a gift to show their love and devotion! Is it awkward for those without a live-in “mother” as our grandsons? Yes. But they are well aware of their situation’s reality, and we help them deal with it. The writer is right. One day does not alter their reality. Let Moms have their day!!

  8. JC says:

    This is absolutely stupid! This idiot principal needs to visit a therapist! Essentially you will always find somebody or something that might get offended to anything. To destroy the fabric of our nation in the quest to not be offensive to any living critter shows hos damn ignorant you are. Where do these monsters come from?

    1. Becky Diane Clark says:

      Exactly right! This is more PC crap and they should be ashamed of themselves! I am 63, and all the years growing up we celebrated Mother’s Day. Not once was anybody offended or hurt and there were children without Mother’s! These snowflakes need to stop being so thin skinned and stop teaching their children to be offended at every little thing!

  9. Betty Jay says:

    The liberals keep showing their stupidity. Guess they no longer appreciate their mothers. Happy that my children and grandchildren appreciate me. Proud of all of them. In trying to change everything, they have become nothing but an offensive group of nuts.

  10. Marie says:

    When are you idiots up there going to put a stop to even listening to liberals. They are nuts anyway. You are letting them destroy our history and leaders who made America great

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Amend jc I am sick and tired of these thin skin people that get offended by every tradition or holiday or anything else stupid they can come up with. Everybody has a mother weather living or deceased if they didn’t have a mother they wouldn’t be in this world.

  12. Eric Johnson says:

    Mother’s n Father’s n Valentines etc. ( even Easter n Christmas ) 4th of July and Thanksgiving…Are Really NOTHING MORE Than About MONEY ( Flowers n Ties n Chocolate n Billions of Eggs n Cards and millions of Turkeys and millions of Merchants ( now mostly China ) ANY and ALL of This Can Be Done on ANY DAY of the Year !!! Seeing How 2 Women or 2 Men CAN”T MAKE CHILDREN in the First Plac Means .Pretty Much the Children Had to Have a Mother AND Father ? Adoption…Mother Dies @ Birth…One of the Parents Gets Killed in an Accident…These Very Same Children, Being Brain Washed into Believing The Easter Bunny ( instead of JESUS ) Santa Clause ( again instead of JESUS ) ALL Will Out-Grow the Pagans’ Ways !!! My Mother Passed Away Last Year…Should I Just Forget or Stop Just Because I Don’t Have a Mother Now ? give me a break…Bottom Line…Just Because They Don’t Have a Mother or Father WON’T RUIN THEIR LIVES !!! If Anything is Going to RUIN Their Lives is Having Binary Parents, Which Is Much More Difficult to Emotionally and Physically Try and EXPLAIN ( esp When The Bible Commands Us NOT to LAY With the SAME Kind ) to Them to Understand That, Than Tring to Explain Why They Don’t Have a Mother or Farther…just sayin…People….This Is RISE and FALL of AMERICA…Won’t Be Long and The Binaries Will Declare That Monogenism IS WRONG !!!

  13. Pete says:

    Mother’s Day should be renamed to Female Progenitor’s Day and Father’s Day becomes Male Progenitor’s Day! But then some transvestite will complain about gender discrimination!

  14. Rodney says:

    How about all the families they are offending with their PC crap? I feel for any child growing up without a mother or a father, but it is life and if they have a supportive other parent, they will make and be stronger for it. What will they call fathers day?

  15. Donna says:

    They can anything they want but we will still celebrate Mother and Father’s Day. We are notmal people not people who change to be politically correct. They are just easliy swayed by the LGBT cry babies who want to change.everything to suit them because theyvare so weak and fragile . Grow up and act like adults .

  16. Janet says:

    I am so fed up with this PC garbage and find it offensive to me, but no one out there cares. Maybe we should start an organization called “Offended by PC” . I have a feeling we would draw in way more members that any of these “poor me” organizations!

  17. TOM says:


  18. Frank says:

    This story is as much bullshit as the headline. It never gave the new name Liberals want to give it.

  19. Why don`t these people do the right thing and teach the children? They have no business of projecting their feeling onto the children no matter what day it is. A place of learning isn`t a bloody retail store mate!

  20. ChuckB says:

    More liberal PC bullshit.

  21. Danger says:

    Oh wow, this is as stupid as the idea of giving trophies to the kids that didn’t participate, and give victory trophies to the kids that even lost. The left and liberals have lost their minds. They’re so worried about peoples feelings, that the offended few, they knee jerk react to EVERYTHING! It’s for Mothers you morons and idiots! And just the same, a person that crosses the border, and is living here illegally, is called an illegal alien, not an undocumented worker! These people seek to destroy everything sacred to any of us, all in the name of the feelings of the handful that are offended. I’m so tired of the left and liberals, they are destroying this country, and we need all of us, to push back much much harder! I will always call it Mother’s Day, even if they were to put me in jail, I’d still call it Mother’s Day! And there’s not a damn thing they can do about it!

  22. Michael Otrok says:

    Can you name a specific liberal that promoted this by name? Why would families be offended? Explain,if you can.

  23. rex alderson says:

    this is stupid I don’t have a mother but on this day is still special to me. if it is changed me and and a whole lot of people woulf be offened and really pissed.

  24. Weezze says:

    Unbelievable. A country that divides its self will fall . Our moral compass is coming apart . We keep worrying about
    All these groups and not hurting there
    Feelings . For Christ sake , stop it already.
    They want the Catholic religion gone it offends gays trans I don’t identify I think I’m a cat or dog groups . It’s a belief get over it . You believe who you are I am supposed to except that . Look you were born what ever you became you had a mom and a dad . If they died they still gave you life . You celebrate what they did for you and honor and celebrate that .
    This stupid teacher needs a wake up kick in the ass .

  25. Lynnda says:

    It would be so nice if the Liberals just once this year would try to see the good in something instead of always nit picking at everything. I happen to be a 75 year old great grandmother who grew up without a mother and not once in those 75 years have I felt offended because there is a special day for mothers. The biggest problem with the United States today is caused by the Liberals. If they are so liberal and don’t like it here then let them move on to another place where they can live the way they want and leave other people in peace.

  26. Mary Brandeberry says:

    Too many leftist liberals in the schools, government and whatever. Many of the are atheist, and would love to put an end to Christianity, and Judaism, Expect the majority of Holiday names to be changed. They have already started. Expect history to be changed, that to is happening.

  27. Robert says:

    This is total nonsense. 98% of students have mothers so we disenfranchise them for the 2% who for some reason do not. Children will adjust and adapt if we learn to comfort and console them but to ruin any holiday because of misinformed interpretations of life is totally ridiculous. Total lunacy by the left once again.

  28. Kilemal says:

    I’ve a new name for the 1st of May, formerly known as May Day. Killacommie day. kill a commie and win free ammo for the nest declared Killacommie day. That’d be May 2nd, and so forth and so on ’til the job’s done.

  29. GM says:

    I’m getting too old for this kind of crap! Do these people lead a normal life? Or are they on this earth just to get people notice them? Send these people back where they came from – unless they don’t know how where they came from….

  30. JMac says:

    Children are not the ones who are “offended” by the name “Mother’s Day”! It is the PC LEFTISTS!!! I was raised by a single mom after my dad died when I was only 14 years old. My grandmother lived with us too, so it was a “Matriarchal” family!! I turned out JUST FINE, am
    a Christian who has been married to my husband for over 43 years, have 3 adult children who have families of their own, and 12 grandkids!! The PC idiots need to just SHUT UP, and stop being offended by EVERYTHING!!! What about all of their NONSENSE which offends the rest of us???

  31. Joe says:

    Once more, we are targeted by those misguided odd balls. You see what happens when the condom leaks !

  32. M says:

    You had the answer to your question within your question — nonsense! PC people are always looking for something to be offended about. They offend me and my traditional values.

  33. Grumpy says:

    It offends me that democrats try to run my life, but I have to deal with it; It offends me that our borders are illegal alien sieves, but I have to deal with it; It offends me that the ACLU does nothing for Americans, only non Americans, but I have to deal with it; It offends me that so many states send all manner of idiots to Congress and the Senate, but I have to deal with it; It offends me that socialists, communists, nazis, and marxists continually try to take my Constitutional rights away, but I have to deal with it. It seems to me that all you other sensitive bastards can deal with your own problems as well and stop changing our lives to make you feel better. I am so hoping for a Civil War so we can do away with all of you fucking cry babies.

  34. Linda M Alves says:

    Why are we always trading reality for pretending. We say “protect the children” but we don’t prepare them for the reality of the real world where there is winning AND losing, success AND failure, happiness AND sadness, elation AND disappointment. That is why our children cannot fully function in the real world.

  35. Ken says:

    So am I to be offended when they have Gay day? I won’t have any Gay parents, friends, or relatives to celebrate with so I will feel left out and sad.

  36. wm underwood says:

    I suggest we have LLL-WWW….this is for liberals. Left Leaning Liberals….Wineing Wimpy Wednesday. Suggest we hold this one day a month, they can get all of the wineing out one day a month; on the conditions we do not have to listen to them at all for the rest of the month.

  37. Grandma Bertha says:

    All I can think of is to say …. “Oh brother!”

    What next will offend someone’s sensitivity’s ? We no longer have an Easter Vacation in public schools. Now it’s a Spring Break. Will we celebrate a Winter Holiday rather than Christmas? (That was not a suggestion. Only a snide remark.). Nothing much is how a number of adults remember from our youth! Too sad. I grew up without my father ….. left only with fond and loving memories. All still vivid in my mind! 😍

    Some day, people won’t be able to have a conversation for fear of insulting a person or causing major brain damage to a person’s sensitivities. Brain explosions. I pray to God that day never comes. Yes, I do pray to God!

    Now I need to think of another title for Father’ Day. (Oh, No! )

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