This State Just Made A Historic Decision

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  1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    THere should be NO reason for an abortion. If you don’t want babies, either don’t have sex, or, use some kind of birth CONTROL!! You can get birth control pills at the local Health Dept for about $5. And, if you can’s afford it, they’ll even give it to you. Or tell your man to use a condom. Anybody that doesn’t want a baby, doesn’t have to have one. There are too many ways to NOT get pregnant. If a girl is raped, I understand her not wanting to have the baby, But, it’s NOT the baby’s fault, so he/she doesn’t deserve to die. There are too many people out there that want to adopt desperatly, but there aren’t enough babies available. There are too many other options available. The ONLY time an abortion should be done, is if the fetus isn’t developing, or if there’s something life threatening to the mother. Otherwise have the baby, & give it up for adoption.. Or keep it, & enjoy the miracle of motherhood. God WILL bless you for it, or He will CONDEMN you if you have the abortion.

  2. Proud vet says:

    Score one for God Almighty, and score 2 for his beautiful creation the unborn which has a heartbeat with the communist heartless demonically evil Democrat party believe that or not!

  3. jobert ronson says:

    The godless party just confirmed that fact: they are godless. Go get them Alabama!!!!!

  4. John J says:

    Wonderful; if they won’t keep their legs closed, won’t use birth control, then neuter them just like cats and dogs who have no control over their actions

  5. Nancy Lightner says:

    I stand with Alabama and say praise God. May the governorsign it into law and may this sweep the nation and may the Supreme Court overturn Roe verses Way once and for all. Abortion is murder and should only take place to save the mother’s life in the case of absolute emergency situations.

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