The Real Reason Justin Amash Wants to Impeach Trump

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  1. JMac says:

    Another typical Palestinian Muslim!! Needs to change parties NOW!!!

  2. James says:

    He a piece of shit. I am Tired of rhino Republicans not supporting our president the Democrats supported Obama the worst president in the history of our country for eight years and Joe Biden unequivocally the worst vice president in the history of our country who should be indicted on so many charges it would make Al Capone look like a Sunday school teacher as well as Obama.

  3. Original Anna says:

    Do the people who voted for him in Michigan know this or not. What are the newspapers and TV stations doing about this information? And I am not a democrat but I do not want crooked republicans making money by dealing with our enemies which believe it or not China is our enemy now and in the future as they want to conquer us using our own people and our inability to stop our people from doing anti American activities. China is a communist nation out to make the U.S. communist and they are doing this by invading our culture and industries and our educational schools at all levels.

  4. Luigi says:

    That S.O.B. I have a feeling he is not in his right mind. Anothet RINO gone crazy!!

  5. Terry Mc Roberts says:

    If he likes china so much he needs to move there.

  6. Mary Allen says:

    The Right needs to continue calling out the deceit of RINOs and demonRats as time gets closer to election time. No more rolling over and playing dead by the RNC; stand up and fight the evil of the left.

  7. Paul Lamothe says:

    It figures another self serving corrupt RINO scumbag !

  8. EttaMae Svider says:

    AH HA, now the truth comes out. Got him in his ‘pocket book’. What a typical dem/lib & their hypocricy!!!

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